list of foursquare badges

If you’re unfamiliar with foursquare, you can familiarize yourself with this article. All of the known foursquare badges are listed below, ordered by the incremental identifier reported by the foursquare system. I try to keep this as up-to-date as possible, and
is current as of Nov 21.

id icon name message active notes sponsor
0 BFF ♫ The only one for me is you, and you for me ♫ 10 checkins togeeetthhherrrr! ♫ Never Activated
1 Newbie Congrats on your first check-in! Active
2 Adventurer You’ve checked into 10 different venues! Active
3 Explorer You’ve checked into 25 different venues! Active
4 Superstar You’ve checked into 50 different venues! Active
5 Bender That’s 4+ nights in a row for you! Active
6 Crunked That’s 4+ stops in one night for you! Active
7 Local You’ve been at the same place 3x in one week! Active
8 Super User That’s 30 checkins in a month for you! Active
9 Player Please! Look at you, checking-in with 3 members of the opposite sex! Player, please! Active reactivated 4/24/10
10 School Night Checking-in after 3am on a school night? Well done! Active
11 Far Far Away Welcome to the world above 59th Street! Active NY specific
12 Brooklyn 4 Life That’s 25+ checkins in Brooklyn for you! Active NY specific
13 Photogenic You found 3 places with a photobooth! Active
14 Gossip Girl Spotted: A true foursquare socialite. Chuck Bass would be impressed. xoxo Active
15 Douchebag Double pop that collar, son! Active
16 Animal House Off the Wagon appreciates your business. COLLEGE! Active
17 Socialite Keep this up and you’re going to end up on Valleywag with Julia Allison Active
23 Far Far Away Well done escaping downtown Austin – though $5 bucks says you’re at Salt Lick 🙂 SxSW 2009
25 Panel Nerd Three days at the Convention Center before noon! Your boss would be so proud! SxSW 2009
26 Slut Three different hotels! You’re like the Paris Hilton / Bret Michaels of SX! SxSW 2009
27 Redford Nice job sneaking off to see some films (one of the best parts of SXSWi). Gold Badges unite! SxSW 2009
28 Porky Oink oink, you filthy little BBQ lover! SxSW 2009
29 Trifecta Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 6: Frog / Digg / Facebook / Goog / 32-Bit / The Decider SxSW 2009
30 Entourage Look at you, checking-in with 10 of your friends in tow! You so popular! SxSW 2009
31 PV Bender Three late-nights at the PV House! You working on that Slut badge? SxSW 2009
32 Overshare 10+ checkins in 12 hours! Next up: tweeting that you unlocked this Overshare badge? Active
33 Survival However-many-days you were at SX, you survived. Well played and see you next year! SxSW 2009
34 Digg Shindigg Welcome to the Digg Party. I bet the… OMG!!! KEVIN ROSE JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!!! SxSW 2009
35 Karaoke RV! You found the Karaoke RV! Now go queue up some GnR! “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby!” SxSW 2009
36 Party Crasher What else did you expect checking-in with foursquare at the Brightkite party? Anyone down for a dance off? SxSW 2009
55 Thriving Ivory You’ve checked-in at Thriving Ivory’s Fillmore show. Head to the merchandise table and show your TI badge to score some free swag! venue & date specific
56 Internetz Week Welcome to internet week! Five new badges for the next five days! What, wait.. no free drinks here? NEXT PARTY! Internet Week New York 2009
57 Dot Com Baller Look at you in your fancy suit up on that fancy roof! You’re the Young Jeezy of the NY Tech scene! Internet Week New York 2009
58 Trifecta Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 5: Ignite / Yelp / Digg/ Thrillist / College Humor / Webutante Ball! Internet Week New York 2009
59 I’m on a Boat ♫ I’m riding a dolphin doing flips and shit / This dolphin’s splashing, getting everybody all wet / But this ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets / I’m on a boat, motherfucker, don’t you ever forget! ♫ Internet Week New York 2009
60 Webby A wise microcelebrity once said: ‘I won a Webby’ is the new ‘I have a website.’ You may not have be named King or Queen tonight, but please accept this Webby as a token of just how special we think you are. Internet Week New York 2009
61 Ziggy’s Wagon Waffles and tacos and dumplings and BBQ and… looks like you’ve found 3 of your city’s legendary food trucks. Enjoy! Active
62 Don’t Stop Believin’ ♫ Just a small town girl / Living in a lonely world / She took the midnight train going anywhere! ♫ That’s 3 karaoke field trips in a month! Treat yourself by slaying a lil’ Bon Jovi. Active
63 Gym Rat 10x trips in 30 days? Go reward yourself to the nastiest double cheeseburger you can find (bonus points for cheesy fries and milkshakes). And ps: you look nice today! Active
64 Mr. Bill Oh nooo! Mr. Bill! (and happy bday from Eris + team foursquare!) venue & date specific
65 Trainspotter Driving around SF is soooo 2008, hence the special shoutout for your 10th BART checkin. Public transportation is the new Prius! Active BART
66 Boxee Fan You took the L train to Brooklyn to attend a software party! Pretty hardcore. venue & date specific (Boxee)
67 Road Warrior You’re making the world a mappier place one checkin at a time! Active Waze
69 Intel Insider Intel would like to welcome you to CES! Remember, what happens in Vegas ends up on Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Drinks on us! CES 2010 Intel
70 Intel – All Ears Shhhhhhhhh! Otellini speaks! Intel + CES 2010 FTW! CES 2010 Intel
71 Intel – Work It Thanks for joining Intel at CES! Exercise that Core! CES 2010 Intel
72 CES 2010 Congrats! Your checkin to the Las Vegas Convention Center just unlocked the CES Badge. Welcome to the world’s largest and coolest tech show! CES 2010
73 JetSetter Hopping around the world one airport at a time… congrats on your 5th airport checkin and safe travels! Active
74 16 Candles Treat yourself to another cupcake – that’s 5 birthday shoutouts from you! Active
75 Zoetrope That brings you to 10 movie theater checkins! Now, can you pick us up a large popcorn while you’re up? Active
76 Pizzaiolo This badge is reserved only for the true pizza connoisseur: slices from 20 different pizza places. Well done! Active
77 Jobs 3 Apple Store checkins! Show this badge to the hipster at the Genius Bar to redeem your new Apple Hoverboard! (… or not) Active
78 Warhol That sure is a nice collection of art gallery checkins (10 different galleries!) Active
79 Babysitter Forget those “Bender” and “Crunked” badges – you’ve conquered the playground circuit! (10 checkins!) Active
80 Swarm 50+ people are also checked-in here – it’s a foursquare flashmob! Active
83 Super Mayor A special shoutout for holding down 10 mayorships at once! Active
84 I’m on a boat! ♫ This ain’t Seaworld, this is as real as it gets / I’m on a boat, MF’er, don’t you ever forget! ♫ Active
85 Yard Bird Congrats on mastering Harvard Yard on Foursquare! You’re looking (and acting) smarter all the time. Active Cambridge Harvard
86 Metro Thanks for Waking up with the Metro! You’ve checked in near Metro pickup locations on 3 different mornings! Active Metro News
87 Journal Métro Merci d’être matinal avec Métro! Félicitations! Vous avez déverrouillé le badge Métro. Active Metro News
88 Bravo Newbie Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step into the BRAVO world. (It’s not as scary as it sounds!) Active Bravo
89 Real Housewife Way to drink, eat, shop, and spa like a Real Housewife! Active Bravo
90 Top Chef You wear the term “foodie” as a badge of honor, and now have BRAVO’s Top Chef Badge to prove it. Active Bravo
91 Hair Aware For trimming your tresses and loving your locks like a true follicle wiz, you’ve received BRAVO’s Shear Genius Badge. Bravo
92 Fashionista You’ve found the key to BRAVO’s Launch My Line insignia. Now, go find us some sales! Active Bravo
93 Lookin’ for Love You know all the hottest singles spots and can now proudly wear BRAVO’s Millionaire Matchmaker Badge of Love. Active Bravo
94 Foodie You eat the best from hot dogs to haute cuisine. That’s 5 checkins at Zagat Rated spots! Active Zagat
95 Transit Champion Holy moly transit champ, You sure know how to get around Metro Vancouver! Thanks for going green and riding with TransLink! Active Vancouver TransLink
96 On Location Get ready for your close up! You’ve just earned the On Location badge by visiting five of Chicago’s iconic movie locations. Active Explore Chicago
97 Celery Salt Hold the ketchup & drag it through the garden! You’ve earned the Celery Salt badge for visiting 5 places that serve Chicago-style hot dogs! Active Explore Chicago
98 Chicago Blues Sweet Home Chicago! You’ve earned a Chicago Blues badge by visiting 5 stops on the History of Chicago Blues Tour ( Active Explore Chicago
99 Valentine’s Day Ooh la la! This is your 2nd checkin at a great date spot for Valentine’s Day. How romantic! Next up: bring your date to see “Valentine’s Day”, in theaters February 12th! Warner Bros.
101 NY Times Olympian You’ve just checked into a venue recommended by The New York Times during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Go for the gold! New York Times
102 Fashion Victim Wow! You crossed the line! Your passion for fashion knows no boundaries! Four of you will be given tickets to the MbMJ show in NYC on Tues Feb 16 (we’ll notify you by email!) – Love, Marc Fashion Week 2010 Marc Jacobs
103 Show Hopper 5 checkins with Lucky and still going strong – you’re a NYFW machine! Fashion Week 2010 Lucky Magazine
104 Nightlife You stopped by 4 UrbanDaddy-approved spots, unlocked the HBO How To Make It/UD Nightlife Badge, Time to celebrate! HBO
105 Tastemaker You just unlocked Eater and Racked’s HBO How to Make It Tastemaker badge! That’s 3 or more check-ins from Eater or Racked approved venues. HBO
106 Cityscape You’ve just unlocked the Flavorpill and HBO’s How to Make It Culture badge, after scoping out the best cultural venues in the city. Movin’ on up… HBO
107 Cocktails You’ve hit 3 BlackBook and HBO’s How To Make It-approved hotspots — no velvet rope can stop you. HBO
108 Shorty Welcome to the Shorty Awards!! Extra credit if you noticed this special edition “you unlocked a badge!” text is exactly 140 characters long. Shorty Awards
109 Early Adopter Happy birthday to your foursquare account! (We launched at SXSW 2009 and you were here for it!) SxSW 2010
110 Austin Explorer That’s five checkins at five places you’ve never been to! Well done, Austin Explorer! SxSW 2010
111 Panel Nerd That’s 5 Convention Center checkins for you… you’re really getting your $500 bucks worth! SxSW 2010
112 Tarantino Nice job sneaking off to see some films (the best kept secret of SXSWi!) Visit the IFC Crossroads House (7th & Brazos) for free stuff and to see the best of SXSW live in-studio. SxSW 2010
113 Groupie The Backstreet Boys of tech! The Menudo of the interne…. OMG! @NAVEEN JUST TOUCHED MY SHIRT!
(Hint: 73,83,76,7,9)
Active SxSW 2010
114 Super Swarm Know what you call a 50 person swarm at SXSW? The Hilton Lobby. So we upped the ante to 250 and you still nailed it. Well played! SxSW 2010
115 Swimmies You found a pool? NERD SPRING BREAK! Bonus points if you’re on a roof. Extra bonus points if you snuck in! SxSW 2010
116 Fixin’ Wagon Tacos, cupcakes, burgers, po-boy’s… whatever your vice, congrats on finding some of Austin’s finest meals on wheels SxSW 2010
117 Hangover Late to bed and early(ish) to rise. Your boss should be proud you made the early morning panels! SxSW 2010
118 Decathlon So many parties, so little time… and you still managed to hit 10 of the brand-name events. Congrats! SxSW 2010
119 Karaoke RV You found the Karaoke RV! Now queue us up some GnR! “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby!” SxSW 2010
120 Name Dropper Look at all you, name dropping internet celebs left and right! Checkins calling out 2 different A-list’ers scored you this badge. SxSW 2010
121 Hookup Two different hotels? This is Austin, not the Jersey Shore! (though you made The Situation proud) SxSW 2010
122 Porky Oink oink, you filthy little BBQ lover! SxSW 2010
123 Far Far Away You made it 25 miles away from the convention center! Congrats on escaping downtown Austin. SxSW 2010
124 Survivor However-many-days you were at SX, you survived. Well played and see you next year! SxSW 2010
125 SPINsider You’ve just seen three bands recommended by SPIN’s editors! SxSW 2010 SPIN Magazine
126 Bands on the Run You’ve just seen seven bands in one day! SxSW 2010 SPIN Magazine
127 Animal Collector You’ve just seen the third band with an animal in its name! SxSW 2010 SPIN Magazine
128 Trailblazer You’ve just seen your third show outside of downtown Austin! SxSW 2010 SPIN Magazine
129 Diplomat Full diplomatic immunity! That’s the third day you’ve taken refuge at the SF Embassy. SXSW 2010
130 Global Ignite Week 2010 Thanks for supporting Global Ignite Week! Think it was all the beer that made those five minute talks so interesting? Ignite
132 Keep Austin GOOD Austin’s not just weird, it’s good. Congrats on navigating the SXSW ayhem and finding the GOOD spots. Your mom would be proud! SxSW 2010 GOOD
133 Adobe – Hat Tip Congratulations, you just unlocked the Hat Tip badge! Our hats off to you for making the most of your time in Austin. Respect from Adobe! SxSW 2010 Adobe
134 Barista Congrats – you’ve checked in at 5 different Starbucks! Be sure to pick up a double tall latte for your friend – I’m sure they’d do the same for you. Active Starbucks
135 Where 2010 Welcome to Where 2.0, a geo-nerd’s playground! Don’t forget to wish Brady Forrest (the conference organizer!) a happy birthday on Wednesday 3/31! Where 2010
138? Last Degree Congrats on making it to the North Pole! Take a deep breath, plant your flag and be sure to get home safe! The Last Degree
143 Banksy Fan You just unlocked the secret Banksy Fan Badge! Enjoy the film and please exit through the gift shop. Active Exit Through the Gift Shop
144 4sq Day 2010


#4sqday 2010

Happy foursquare day! (four squared = 4/16, get it?) Here’s a toast to all of you for making foursquare so amazing and to the 50+ 4sq Day parties going on around the world!

Note: The original name of this badge, “4sq Day 2010”, was changed to the hashtag about 18:00 GMT on 4/16. This was the first time a foursquare badge has become a trending topic on twitter.

Foursquare Day
145 Super Swarm 50 person foursquare swarms are soooo 2009. We upped it to 250 for the Super Swarm and you still nailed it. Well played! Active
146 140 Conf 2010 Welcome to the #140Conf – where the Twitterati come to swarm! 140 Charaters Conference
147 Elite Shopper Wow! You’re on a spree! You’ve hit 5 of our favorite boutiques and still going strong. Active Lucky
148 BK Art Star Congrats, art star! You’ve just discovered a world of art across the river at the Brooklyn Museum! Active Brooklyn Museum
149 Time Out – Happy Hour You rock the discount cocktails — that’s 4 check-ins at venues recommended by Time Out New York. Active Time Out New York
150 Historian Congrats from History Channel on unlocking America one check-in at a time. Thomas Jefferson would be proud. Active History Channel
151 Bon Appetit – Navigator You’ve discovered the key to Bon Appetit’s Navigator Badge: Eat well. Travel often. There’s something delicious just around the corner. Active Bon Appetit
152 Time Out – Bar Hunter Whoa! You sure know Chicago bars! That’s 4 check-ins at venues recommended by Time Out Chicago. Active Time Out Chicago
153 f8 Backstage Pass You’ve hit 3 of the 7 big spots at Facebook’s f8 conference. Congrats on making the rounds! Facebook f8
155 WSJ Banker That’s three check-ins in the financial district. You’d fit right in with a copy of The Wall Street Journal under your arm. Active WSJ
156 WSJ Urban Adventurer You really get around! The Wall Street Journal congratulates you on checking into all five boroughs of New York. Active WSJ
157 WSJ Lunchbox Have a great power lunch! You’ve checked into two restaurants reviewed by The Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Box column. Active WSJ
158 WordCamp SF 2010 “This one time, at WordCamp?” Welcome to WordCamp San Francisco! WordCamp
159 PA Shooflyer Nice job eating your way through PA! Yummm, keystone. Active VisitPA
160 PA Retail Polka Somebody likes their tax-free shopping in PA. Hey, there’s more where that came from. Active VisitPA
161 PA 4 Score & 7 Nice job soaking up all that PA history. Look out Alex Trebek. Active VisitPA
162 Today Show Newbie Thanks for stopping by the Plaza! Hope you can come to the next Toyota Concert Series on TODAY. Today Show
163 Roker That’s 3 checkins before 6 AM! Just like Al Roker – you’re becoming a regular in his “neck of the woods.” Today Show
164 10 for 10 Today Show
165 Big Omaha 2010 Three checkins in the middle of Nebraska! You are *owning* Big Omaha this year! Big Omaha
166 Andy Cohen Badge Here’s What: You’re a man/woman about town, hitting up all the right places to see A-listers and be seen by A-listers. Keep it up and one day you may just be one of those A-listers! And for that we say “Mazel” to you. Active Bravo
167 Louis Vuitton Insider Congratulations, you’re on your way to become a living Louis Vuitton icon. You really deserve our upcoming surprises and another round of shopping! Active Louis Vuitton
168 All Right Now Congratulations, you’ve discovered 5 of Stanford University’s most interesting places. BEAT CAL! Active Stanford University
169 Princeton P-rade Congrats! You just unlocked the Princeton P-rade badge. If your blood isn’t yet orange and black, keep drinking. Princeton University P-rade
170 TLC Summer Your summer is officially underway now that you’ve found a TLC Summer hot spot. Time to soak up the season with sun, fun and your favorite shows! TLC
171 Cupcake Connoisseur A true cupcake connoisseur, you know the goods when you see (and taste) them! TLC’s Cake Boss would be proud. TLC
172 BBQ Pitmaster You know that smokin’, tangy flavor can’t be found just anywhere. TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters commend your taste! TLC
173 Celtics – Finals 2010 Stand up! You’ve unlocked the Celtics badge for showing your Boston pride. Watch the Celtics take on the Lakers in The Finals 2010 on ABC! “Go Celtics!” NBA 2010 Finals
174 Lakers – Finals 2010 Stand up! You’ve unlocked the Lakers badge for showing your L.A. pride. Watch the Lakers take on the Celtics in The Finals 2010 on ABC! “Go Lakers!” NBA 2010 Finals
175 Club L You’re checking in all over town! Congrats on unlocking the Club L badge, the ladies would be proud. Where to next? Active The Real L Word
176 Internet Week 2010 Welcome to Internet Week 2010. Show this badge & skip some lines! Monday @ Onion Party, Tues @ #140conf Party, Wed @ Pop Everything and Thr @ Obliterati & SoundCtrl. Internet Week 2010
177 Social Media Guru Three nights of Internet Week parties makes you an official Social Media Guru(, nerd!) The first 24 people to show this badge @ IW HQ (registration desk) on Thu June 10 win a free bottle of wine signed by @garyvee! (You must be 21+) Internet Week 2010
178 Webutante Just saying, but if @naveen doesn’t win Prom King, this whole thing is bunk! Internet Week 2010
179 Webby 2010 Webby 2010: You may not have walked away a winner tonight, but please accept our Webby Badge as a token of just how special we think you are. Internet Week 2010
180 Bonnaroo Rock Star Congrats! That’s 10 check ins at Bonnaroo this weekend. You are a Bonnaro Rock Star! Now that you’re in the band be on the look out for a instant win message from us for great Bonnaroo prizes! Bonnaroo Music Festival
181 South Africa Explorer You must have World Cup fever! That’s three checkins from the first World Cup ever held in Africa. Watch CNN and visit for complete coverage. CNN
182 Super Fan Goooooooooal! That’s three checkins from World Cup viewing parties. You truly are a World Cup Super Fan! Now go cheer louder! Watch CNN and visit for complete coverage. CNN
183 Met Lover Oh, I see that you’re a true art connoisseur. You have excellent taste. Active Metropolitan Museum of Art
184 Six Flags Funatic You are a true Six Flags Funatic! With this badge you have the chance to win an Unlimited Exit Pass for our 50th Anniversary in 2011! The winner will be announced at the end of the season! Six Flags
185 Bing Home Turf Congrats! You’ve just unlocked the Bing Home Turf badge. Stand up and support your favorite team. Game on! Bing
186 Team Coco Bonnaroo Congratulations! You’ve unlocked The Team Coco Bonnaroo Badge! Enjoy the show, and please consider a shower in the near future. Bonnaroo Music Festival
187 Slightly Off IFC likes your style. 3 check-ins at our Always On, Slightly Off favorites? We think you deserve an eye patch… but a badge will have to do! Active IFC
188 TWTRCON NY 2010 You Joined the Real-Time Revolution at TWTRCON NY 2010! Be sure to check tips for TWTRCON wifi details, after-parties and lots more! TWTRCON
189 Northside Congratulations on covering so much ground during the Northside Festival! You can hold your head high on the L train. Northside Festival
190 PK / JG 2010 Special congrats to Paul & Janelle, the first “kind-of met through dodgeball, but not really” wedding! Show this badge to Teddy Salad for free drinks at Barcade FOR LIFE! Kermizian – Gunther Wedding
191 Dew Tour Super Fan Congrats! You’re 1 stop away from Dew Athlete Status. Show this badge at the Alli Shop and snag yourself a free pair of shades and make it official! Mountain Dew
192 Alli After Dark Looks like somebody LOVES partying with Dew Athletes. 2 Alli After Dark parties in one week – Well Done! Mountain Dew
193 Super Duper Swarm That “Super Swarm” badge is for babies! Welcome to the Super Duper Swarm Club – 500 people checked in at once! Active
194 Epic Swarm Wow! 1,000 foursquare users in the same location?!? According to our math, the world should implode right about now. Active
195 Dog’s Best Friend Woof! Woof woof 10 checkins @ dog runs woof woof woof 30 days woof woof! Woof! Active
196 World Cup 2010 Gooooooooooooooooaalllll! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! We hope you’re enjoying World Cup 2010 as much as we are!
197 Comic-Con 2010 Comic-Con 2010: Welcome to Metropolis, errr San Diego. You’ve just scored the Superman badge! Now show this at the WB booth to pick up some free swag, while supplies last. (Hint: stay away from the Kryptonite Cupcakes) Comic-Con
198 VH1 Fanatic VH1 Fanatic: That’s three music venue check-ins for you! Your love of live music has now been confirmed. Now go get to the front of the crowd and make us proud. Active VH1
199 Mile High Congrats, you’ve just unlocked the Mile High badge! 500 miles per hour @ 30,000 feet and you’re still connected with Gogo. Happy travels! Active Gogo
200 Bookworm Bender Looks like you’re throwing a late night bender at the library. Ain’t no party like a Pythagorean Theorem party! Active ASU
201 Munchies That’s 5 check-ins at campus dining halls. You must be a Grilled Cheese connoisseur. You deserve a TV Show! Active ASU
202 Campus Explorer You’ve travelled far and wide to explore every corner of campus – all without getting scurvy. Magellan’s got nothing on you! Active ASU
203 Quad Squatter That’s your 10th check-in at the Quad. Either you’re majoring in Botany, or you just gave up on class altogether. Active ASU
204 Smells Like School Spirit Woah! That’s your 5th check-in showing your school pride. You’re a super fan! Now remember to wash off that face paint before you go to bed – huge mistake! Active ASU
205 PEOPLE Hot Spot Congrats! You’ve just dipped your fabulously-heeled foot into the ultra-exclusive celebrity world. What’s next – your own reality show? Active PEOPLE Magazine
206 PEOPLE VIP Wait outside the velvet rope? You? No way! You know where to find the hottest parties — it’s just too bad this badge doesn’t come with bottle service. Active PEOPLE Magazine
207 2010 VMA Moonman We’re really happy for you, and we’re gonna let you finish, but that check-in just entered you to win a trip for two to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12th! Good Luck and Rock Out! MTV
208 MTV GYT Thanks for taking part in MTV’s ‘Get Yourself Tested’ campaign. People who @GYTNOW are twice as sexy as those who don’t. Spread the word and encourage your friends to get tested too! MTV
209 Redskins You’re in…you are a part of Redskins Nation. Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves on the Warpath! Fight for old D.C.! Redskins
211 Swimmies Hey now! That’s your 5th check-in near the water. Let’s hope this isn’t followed-up by unlocking our “Unlucky Shark Attack” badge. Active
212 Great Outdoors Welcome to the Great Outdoors! Behold Mother Nature’s true beauty. Now if only she’d throw a double rainbow up in this piece. Active
213 Just Desserts You’re a foodie that loves savory but it’s time to get your sweet on! Savor your badge BRAVO style. Active Bravo
214 Oktoberfest You’re a real Pfundskerl! You’ve checked in at three different Oktoberfest locations. Prost to your achievement! Now, we feel you’ve earned a reward….make sure to check the badge unlock email you will receive from foursquare to learn how to redeem an awesome discount on your next Lufthansa flight! Active Lufthansa
215 Warm Up Congratulations! That’s 3 activities completed with RunKeeper. But don’t stop now… You’re just getting warmed up! Try tracking an upcoming race or some other activities with RunKeeper to earn more badges. Active RunKeeper
216 5K Hey, remember that time you finished a 5K? Because it JUST happened. Feels good, doesn’t it? Who knows… maybe some day you’ll make it through a marathon! Active RunKeeper
217 Over Achiever Nice! You’ve tracked 5 different activity types on RunKeeper. You win a free air guitar! Active RunKeeper
218 Marathon You finished a marathon (that’s twenty-six point two miles, friend), and all you got was this badge. Oh wait… and that INCREDIBLE feeling of accomplishment! Way to go! Active RunKeeper
219 CNN Healthy Eater Onions, peppers and pears, oh my! Thanks for supporting your local farmers. Tune in to CNN all this week or visit for more healthy eating tips! Active CNN
220 DEVCON10 App Developer badge You’ve made your rounds at BlackBerry DEVCON 2010 and secured the highly desirable DEVCON10 App Developer badge – Congratulations! BlackBerry
221 Healthy Polar Bear You’ve survived a whole month in the Purple Bracket on Health Month! Active Health Month
222 Healthy Crane You’ve survived a whole month in the Orange Bracket on Health Month! Active Health Month
223 Healthy Lizard You’ve survived a whole month in the Yellow Bracket on Health Month! Active Health Month
224 Healthy Fox You’ve survived a whole month in the Green Bracket on Health Month! Active Health Month
225 IFC Poor Decisions Looks like someone just bought a one way ticket to Regrets-ville! Don’t worry, we’ve got a show for you. Watch “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” Fridays at 10/9c on IFC. Active IFC
226 Micah says you’ve searched high and low to discover real life comic book locations. Who needs Super Heroes when you’re a Super Fan! Proudly show this badge at Comic Con’s booth to redeem free comics! Active
227 A-List Don’t look now, but an A-Lister just checked in… and it’s YOU! Doesn’t life feel more glamorous already? Active LOGO
228 Shine Seeker Congratulations, you’ve unlocked the Shine Seeker badge! See for info on our Shine Seeker competition… and keep on exploring Queensland, where Australia shines! Active Queensland
229 MAZDA2 Button Masher Game On as you’ve uncovered the coolest gaming places in the city. Keep following your Inner Driver and you could find yourself behind the controls of a brand new MAZDA2. Active Mazda USA
230 MAZDA2 Beat Junkie Please don’t stop the music, you’ve dropped in at the hottest music joints in the city. Keep following your Inner Driver because you could be rocking out in a brand new MAZDA2. Active Mazda USA
231 MAZDA2 Style Guru You’re so fashion forward and have checked-in at the most fabulous spots in the city. Keep following your Inner Driver and you could be driving the subcompact that matches your style. Active Mazda USA
232 MAZDA2 Inner Driver Congrats Inner Driver! To be entered to win the Mazda2 send an email to with the subject line, “Mazda2 Foursquare Giveaway – ENTRY”. The body of your email must contain your full name, date of birth, and phone #. Good luck! Active Mazda USA
233 NY Comic Con 2010 In brightest day, In blackest night, Green Lantern’s badge is quite the sight. For those who recite this mighty plight, DC’s booth has swag delight! NY Comic-con
234 Pee-wee Herman Show Fap Fap Fap! Yes, boys and girls, Pee-wee is back in theaters! Bring this badge to the Sondheim Theatre box office @ 124 West 43rd and SCREAM REAL LOUD for a surprise from Pee-wee (while supplies last). Active Pee Wee Herman
235? NASA Explorer You are now 220 miles above the Earth traveling at 17,500 mph and unlocked the NASA Explorer Badge! Show this badge and get a free scoop of astronaut ice cream. NASA
237 Conan Blimpspotter You’ve spotted The Conan Blimp! A big orange bag of slow moving gas has never looked so pretty. Visit for more Conan! Active
238 Rally to Restore Sanity You’ve joined Jon Stewart to bring America back to reasonableness. You’re probably not the badge-wearing type, but we figured this little electronic one was pretty discreet. The Daily Show
239 March to Keep Fear Alive You stood with Stephen Colbert to help beat back the forces of sanity! Wear this badge proudly and remember to always… shh! What’s that? I think there’s someone behind you. Run!!! The Colbert Report
240 Spooky Swarm (original:) You have forged a community to protect yourself from the dark ghouls trolling the overworld to steal your soul. Arm yourself with this badge as an amulet to ward off these wretched demons. Or just trade it for some Skittles!
(10/30 unlock:) This Monster Mash is now swarming! I’d watch out if I were you… ♫ cause this is Thriller! Thriller Night! And no one’s going to save you from the beast about to strike! ♫
241 I Voted 2010 ♫…and the home of the brave!♫ Thanks for voting! Now visit 2010 elections
242 Halloween 2010 Happy Halloween from foursquare! Here’s to hoping you came up with a better costume than The Jersey Shore.
244 PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive Only a tall drink of water like yourself would know the sexiest hot spots. Say, is it hot in here, or is it just you? Meeeeeoooow! Active People Magazine
245 RadioShack Holiday Hero Your cape is waving in the wind like a majestic beacon of holiday hope. Congratulations, Holiday Hero, you’re entitled to 20% off qualifying in-store purchases now thru 12/31/10 at The Shack®. Nice. Active RadioShack
246 American Red Cross Congratulations! Your blood donation may have just helped to save a life. Active American Red Cross
247 excELLENt fan ♫Have a little fun… today!♫ Look at you, bouncing around town hitting up all of Ellen’s favorite spots! You’re practically BFFs! Active The Ellen DeGeneres Show
248 Riff Raffer What’s more exciting – unlocking this badge? Or the fact that you’re about to see Ellen? Live! In Person! Hope you brought your dancing shoes! Active The Ellen DeGeneres Show
249 Sounds So Good From the Beatles to Bieber, you love music just as much as Ellen! Now kick back and enjoy the tunes! Active The Ellen DeGeneres Show
250 Art Addict Congrats! Now that you’re an Art Addict go to the membership desk at MoMA to redeem your special offer! Active MoMA
251 TWTRCON SF 10 Congrats! You rocked the real-time revolution at TWTRCON SF 2010! Active TWTRCON

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  1. Yes! I’ve been looking for this list for a few weeks now! It was on Wikipedia for about a day before they took it down. I like that you actually have what the badges look like…now if only someone could tell me how to get all of them!

  2. A very informative post! I’m sure many other 4sq users appreciate this as well! Now, any tips for acquiring these badges?

    Thanks for making this information available!

    • Most of the badges have the clues hidden in the message, some are very clear. For badges that are particularly cryptic, click on the badge image above, and drill into the location where the badge was earned. The sponsored badges (currently 85-107) are currently only active in select cities, and are tied to either tags at the location, or specific venues, and some of the sponsor landing pages have clues. Was there one in particular you were curious about?

      • Thanks for responding! I have the android app and just read online about the tagging. I can’t do that on the android app at this time (but am able to do it on the website), but that definitely helps figure out how to get many of these. Thanks again!

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  4. Tony, thanks for the help. You helped us find a few more to add to our list .

    Thanks for the input on your favorite “suggested” badges we created!

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  6. This is a GREAT list. Thanks!

  7. I “stole” your content and posted it on Scribd. I would share this great list with my Dutch followers on my blog… I hope you don’t mind…

    This is the url: (dutch)

  8. The secret to unlocking many of the badges has to do with the tags attached to the venues you check into. The more you tag the venues you know about (be creative!) the better for all 4sq users.

  9. Great list. You might assist the folks by providing the tag associated with each badge (if applicable). Some can be done by users like “boat” or “pizza”. Others are restricted like “bravo”. And you can’t always search by tag on the website, but on the mobile app if you type in “bravo” and there’s venues in the area they will be shown. Makes it easier to earn the badges. Thanks.

  10. For the “16 Candles” badge, how exactly do you wish someone happy birthday? Is is just in the shout-out when you check in to a location?

    • yes, ‘happy birthday’ in a shout.

      • I’ve been trying to get this badge for 6 months now & have wished countless people happy birthday in shouts… is it not working because i’m actually saying the person’s name or do you need to be in a specific location at the time?

    • Bella, I believe you have to do 4 shout outs of “Happy Birthday” and one check in where you write “Happy Birthday” in the memo part. That makes up the 5 Happy Birthdays…

  11. Thanks for the great work!

    I have one more question – how did you determine the numbering scheme? For example, the list skips #18 – #22 (as well as some others). Do the badges have specific numbers associated with them?

    • The numbering scheme is actually the incremental identifier that comes straight out of the API. I’ve really only included them for academic reasons, but they do indicate the sequence in which the badges were enabled. Also, as you’d pointed out, there are gaps. I would be as curious as anyone to know what happened to the badges 18-22 and 37-54.

      My suspicion is that the ‘missing badges’ are the result of testing against the production datasource. They had a lot riding on the success of sxsw, and knew that the badges would have a lot to do with it – I’m sure there was some testing, and the gaps before and after the sxsw badges seem to be an artifact of that.

      The smaller gaps are harder to characterize, although I could make some guesses. I’d say chances are good that #68 was an alternate comp for an intel-related badge. Badge #80 (swarm) was the highest numbered identifier around the time that the Brooklyn Museum was negotiating a partnership. I was able to see two original designs for that badge, and suspect that they are in the system at 81 and 82, despite the fact that neither has been activated. Your guess is as good as mine for #100.

  12. Tony,

    Thanks for putting the list together! I was looking for it for a while now.

    Best regards,

  13. As a Foursquare street-team member in New Orleans, well actually street-team lead, I have lobbied for New Orleans specific badges. I was told by the person I report to that they didn’t want to add too many to devalue them. Well it appears that doesn’t apply when New York is the city in question. There seem to be lots of badges that do me absolutely no good down here in New Orleans. I think if Foursquare wants wider adoption they need to stop being so NY centric in their badges.

    • I also asked about making New Orleans badges. I suggested a Quarter Rat badge. I proposed an icon, and criteria. One would have to check into 10 French Quarter locations tagged “local”.

      I was told that city specific badges were only for cities where a tourism agency sponsors it. Blah.

    • Dittos on the NYC centricity [new word]! I wish they’d also realize that there’s more going on in Austin than SXSW.

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  15. Excellent post! It’s cool to see all the badges I didn’t know existed and how to get them.

  16. Fantastic! Thanks for providing this!!!

  17. Where can I find a list of SF badges?

    • Early on in the system, badges were city specific, but that was changed several months ago. As it stands, there are only 3 badges that were only available in SF: Trainspotter, Thriving Ivory, and Mr. Bill. Of those, Trainspotter is the only badge that is still active. The other two remain very rare, as they were only available for a single day, at a single venue, at a time when there were only about 20k users. It’s been suggested that Socialite was SF-specific, but it was also unlocked elsewhere.

  18. Hi Tony – Great site. My friends and I check in here regularly. I’m sure you have seen the other site pimpin badges, ends in a .es?

    • Thanks, Dave – yeah, I’d seen it. A little too E! news for my taste, and incomplete. I’m pretty sure that this page was the ‘glitch’ spoken of there 😉

  19. One other thing my friend went on a badge bender and before he did he created a Google map of the Chicago area badges.

  20. was the shorty badge ever up for grabs?

    I still dont understand Road Warrior do you have to add a lot of new venues or just a new one in a city you have never been to?

    I’m thinking Player Please is where you check in with 3 of your friends in the opposite sex right?

    • Shorty was only available one night at one venue.
      Hint on road warrior – check the sponsor column.
      You’re right about the player please, but it’s not active at the moment.

  21. I have just started 4sq, and I think this list is great. Does anyone know how to do where it says “3+ checkins with the opposite sex”? does that mean checking in places where there are the opposite sex,or what? And btw, I just checkin via mobile web, and then also check my stats via the webpage.

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  23. I’m so glad someone has the list before someone edited away on wikipedia.

    • Tony & I were active editors and he fought hard in the backchannels but sadly it did go against their rules. It doesn’t mean people don’t want to know it. It’s knowledge & valuable for people who want to understand more about it.

  24. I am a Foursquare addict and a Disney Blogger for the Orlando Area. Is there anyone we can contact about making some badges for The Theme Parks? I think they would be a big hit not only with us social media addicts but with the visitors too!!! Thanks 🙂

    • Try submitting your question at – they should be able to point you in the right direction

      • @Aurora – I am subscribed to a few of the Get Satisfaction threads on the topic of new badges and no official answers have been given on new badges that I have seen, despite a lot of conversation.

        Also as 4sq is a business and has made deals, they would likely avoid any casual badges in any industry where they might get revenue. Disney as a media giant could do quite the badge barrage. Theme parks, tv, movies, retail stores, pop up stores, cruises, concerts, and more.

    • That’s a bizdev deal that should be suggested to Foursquare but ultimately Disney would have to pay for the badges. It’s really up to Disney if that happens. I’d actually try to get in touch with them to make it happen.

  25. Isn’t badge 59 and 84 the same? Is this a mistake?

    • Actually they are two separate badges. The first was a special badge available during Internet Week 2009 (single day/single venue), and a more subdued version became widely available much later. Take a look at @db’s badges here:

      • Damien Basile

        Thanks for using me as a reference. You know how much you rock & how valuable you are to me already. Way to pwn wikipedia.

    • @db – Of course! It’s easy to use the badge leader as a reference! 😉

  26. the bravo badges are they specifically set in New York/LA or can i get them in my area San Francisco also?

    I do have the Bravo badge but havent found a way to get the rest of the Bravo badges in the city.

  27. Hey Tony…Great site, very helpfull. im so curious how to unlock the groupie badge at sxsw…have no clue at all, thx Tony this list is great 🙂

    • It’s tough. You’ve got to meet up with the 4sq crew, and get their business cards. Each card has a separate clue, and once you collect all 6 clues, you can go to a special URL to unlock the badge.

  28. I’m trying to get all my friends into Foursquare but it’s kind of hard to do when they go to check out all of the badges and then realize that there is no way for us to get most of these that are listed, as they are not attainable (here in Des Moines). I’ve added tons of tags to spots I’ve checked into, but sometimes when I type certain things such as “pool table” it won’t let me tag it, because it says “this tag is reserved for certain venues” or whatever. I guess I just don’t know how to convince my friends to join, when I’m getting a little turned off too. Any advice?

    • @Nicole – This is a great question. From the game/scavenger hunt aspect 4sq has done a good job of isolating various components that would allow you to play with your friends locally. There is scoring among friends and scoring among “area”. What area does it score you against? There are mayorships and yes of course there are badges. As it becomes more mainstream you will see more badges for nationwide users. I just made this map for you, now go get the newest badge.

    • I would suggest that the badges don’t really matter. The points don’t really matter. What I think is interesting is the online/offline connection created by this type of service. It pushes you outdoors.

      Now, I completely understand where you’re coming from…it’s not a whole lot of fun if you don’t have anyone to do it with! So, here’s what I would suggest:

      • use the mobile leaderboard to identify and connect with the most active users in your area. There might be some at the top with a ridiculous amount of points, and I’d omit those
      • get connected with tweetups in your area (des moines:
      • use to start identifying top check-in locations in your area
      • get creative with these people and places and organize a swarm (
      • Funny Tony how you and I both liked her questions but answered in very different directions.

        I like your suggestions, but do think the difference between this service and others is game. I used Latitude for a while and it was just not compelling.

        One other thing – the company itself is very small, so until they start hiring, some aspects might have to be prioritized by them. Cheating as Tony was careful to note, (folks with crazy points at the top of the leaderboard) are a good example.

        Also Nicole – there is a lot of discussion on the GetSatisfaction site (helpdesk) and that covers many of the same questions that have yet to be answered too.

    • No, I totally agree that the gameplay is a key differentiator – just suggesting that it may not be that important, from a user perspective. I imagine that there’s a good chance that in 5 years, I may still have some of the connections that I’ve made through forusquare, but I can’t say that the gameplay (specifically) could have that type of long term impact on my life.

      • I am not a game theory expert and agree that casual gaming requires new challenges to keep gamers interested.

        Using offline “real” venues, along with some of the unique APIs (heat maps), etc. There may begin to emerge patterns and uses (and games) withing the overall experience.

        Example – they have yet to tie photos, video, audio into tips. Most scavenger hunts include these. Or imagine they tie it too credit card purchases, or scannable checkin data. Spend $100 get a badge too. Multiple metrics = multiple ways to alter the game. Another option – live event feeds – like twitter or the gameblog/chats on sports sites. The list goes on.

        Of course simplicity is always the key.

  29. Tony thanks for the Bravo help. Is there a specific many check-ins to unlock the douchebag badge?

    • well, I believe it used to be 5x, but I’ve heard that the number has increased considerably. I’ve not heard what it takes these days, but I’d love to hear from people about it.

      • I think the Happy Birthday badge also may have changed recently, as it has not appeared after numerous wishes to friends.

      • Paul Notar

        I noticed the other day that some venues are tagged douchebag (singular) and others douchebags (plural). Should that matter?

        Also, is there something running in the background for things like the Douchebag, Gossip Girl, and Socialite badges that make filter out sites only count if an admin added the tag? I’ve noticed that some of the brand name badges (Zagat comes to mind) only seem to get triggered by sites with a Zagat review as a tip, as opposed to sites where someone randomly (so it seems) added the tag. Thanks in advance!

      • Hey Tony, couple months later since you posted this, but in reference to the douchebag badge, the check in count is 25 for it. For some people, this is bad news because some cities would be lucky to have even 5 veues tagged with it, while others (like nyc) have more than enough

        My suggestion is, if your city doesnt have enough for it but you are in a city that does, make a list then bar hop to each one, have a shot or a drink and then go to the next one. You can always complete the required check ins back home to unlock the badge in your home city if you are OCD and want most of them unlocked from your home town lol

    • that’s interesting…I had another person ask about the candles badge yesterday. It looks like it’s still active, and the unlock copy still mentions 5 shouts. Something to keep an eye on.

  30. Anyone know why the BFF badge hasn’t been activated?

    • Ask Dennis… seems like a fun one eh? @dens did come by the original wikipedia page and that was exactly how he described it… “this badge was never activated”, and that’s all I know for certain.

      Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m pretty sure that badge was from way way back, when it was just Naveen and Dennis. It’s possible that the implications of the badge led to an algorithm that was too much trouble to mess with. They got it worked out for ‘entourage’ and ‘player please’, and it may have become moot at that point.

  31. How do you earn the Bravo badges?

    • take a look at the venues people have unlocked those badges at, and see what they all have in common. Hint: it’s a tag. Bigger hint: it’s covered 2x in the comments already 😉

  32. oh wow awesome list. I hope that more badges will come soon!

  33. and oh.. I wonder what’s that star badge #131. Hmmmm……

    PS: can’t wait for the BFF badge to be activated! woooot!

  34. The Gym Rat badge description says 10x visits over 30 days. Should that read 10+ or am I missing something?

    • When you unlock the badge, that’s the message that’s given. They write this stuff, I just report it 🙂

  35. This is brilliantly useful!

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  37. Do you have any idea how to submit an idea for a Badge? I have a killer idea for San Diego.

  38. I’ve used Foursquare at a couple of Nashville Predators hockey games, and sadly no flash mob volume of users for me, but I hope to earn that badge by this fall at some Tennessee Titans games.

    Great work with the badge compilation on here!

  39. Tony,

    I’m pretty sure 16 Candles has been modified in some way. I swear I’ve mentioned Birthday, or Happy Birthday in a good 7-8 shouts, to no avail.

    VERY frustrated.


    • I’ve heard some similar things. I’d suggest that you start a thread over at


      • I got the 16 Candles badge with a shout on Tuesday. It was my tenth total shout, but the first three were done independent of a check-in, while the last seven were done within the check-in. And of those seven, two were plain “Happy Birthday!” The rest had a little extra, like a person’s name or age.

      • Tony and DrewN,

        What yielded success for friends (and me) was 4 happy birthday shouts (check-ins optional) while the 5th happy birthday shout or later was done with a check-in.

      • tonyfelice

        Thanks again, Nan. Come to think of it, my final shout was on a check-in too.

  40. Tony,

    Shouldn’t the SXSW 2010 badges be turned off by now? The festival ended over a week ago.

    • I hear ya – people are still unlocking em, though…

      I suppose I’ve not been very clear about the ‘Active’ rating…it’s purely subjective on my part. You should have seen the look on my face when I saw the Ignite badge pop off last night. 🙂

      • Yeah, the Ignite site has a short list of events left.

        Another SXSW question: Were the regular badges temporarily deactivated in Austin during the festival? My first check-in in Austin was a Bravo location, but I didn’t score the Bravo Newbie badge. Do those badges require following Bravo, having them in your friend list?

      • Damien Basile

        I thought of you when I saw the Ignite badge pop up for an Ignite event on the west coast. My thought is that Ignite is an ongoing 2010 badge. The Groupie badge isn’t a normal SXSW badge though so it should have different rules to finish if it had different rules to start.

      • Tony,

        Do you have any links to Global Ignite Week badge pops after the initial week in early May? I just attended the second IgniteDallas, and while I didn’t get a badge, I would like some evidence to present to Chrysanthe, maybe make my case a little stronger. Longshot, I know, but still.


      • Make that early March as the initial Global Ignite Week, not May. My bad.

    • Some regular badges were deactivated in Austin during SX – of course, plenty there were trying to pull ‘barista’, to no avail. Swarm was temporarily suspended there on the 13th, and I’m pretty sure Ziggy was turned off for a little while. The rest, I’m not really sure about.

      For the bravo badges, you do need to be following them. As far as I know, all of the badges I’ve listed as sponsored would require the user to follow the sponsor.

  41. Great article! I’m curious to know how a foursquare fan might go about helping more, such as joining or creating a street team in their area?

  42. What are your thoughts on Foursquare Day, 04.16.10? As the Marketing Manager of Pacific Catch restaurants in San Francisco (Sorry I had to include the plug) I’m amazed how quickly enthusiasm around this events has taken off. It has grown into a global celebration. Swarm badge parties around the world. We’re getting in on the action and people are loving it. Hopefully there will be a foursquare day badge. #4sqday

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  44. c’mon … just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it didn’t exist …

    What happened to the Bucketlist badge?

  45. Well … I’m officially the slowest person on your site 😉 Well played!

    Great site, btw. I pulled for your info on the main 4sq wikipedia article, too … the zealots have their way, unfortunately :-/

    Be well!

  46. This is great, but wondering how I can gain better access to my stats to know when I’m nearing achievement of a new badge (like 1 missing movie theatre or Starbucks…)

  47. Is it possible that the jet setter badge is inactive? Because I should have got it. Or maybe it has to be five different airports instead of just five checkins…

    • yea, you need to hit five different ones.

    • Christopher Radzinski

      You also need to verify in your history on the website that they are tagged and categorized as airports. I had to check in to a few extras to get mine after categorizing them.

  48. Great List and really helpful. Coming up to be mayor of 100 places – would be nice for a special badge besides the Super Mayor at 10!

  49. Looking at the badge list on the iPhone app, I see a new badge called “Banksy Fan.” It’s next to “Last Degree.” Haven’t seen anyone get it yet, though.

    • Looks like he’s a London Street Artist – a perfect 4sq seek and find type of badge/hunt.

    • Thanks! Looks like it’s related to the premiere of Banksy’s film on friday:

    • I have the iPhone app and I don’t see the Bansky Fan or the Last Degree. I just downloaded the newest app update last night. Anybody know why I’m not seeing those? Anyway I’m planning to see the film this week so hopefully I’ll unlock it.

      • Yeah, certain badges don’t show up in the app until you get them, like Road Warrior or Barista. Once you get them, you see them amidst all the blanks of badges you don’t have. When other people view your badges, they just see the ones you have, without all the blanks.

      • I think you’re right, Drew, but I think there’s more to it. The iPhone badges seem to have some sort of location sensitivity, but the blanks seem almost random. For example, I can’t see the badges earned in Austin (except for jetsetter), but others that I’d earned in Denver or San Diego are visible. I see blanks that I couldn’t possibly earn, such as “intel insider”, but I also see blanks for badges that I have, such as “bravo newbie”…

      • Yeah, I can’t see my Bravo Newbie either. I wish foursquare would remove the blanks for those badges we can’t possibly get, especially if they’ve been deactivated. Seems like a jerk move on their part.

      • The badges you have that don’t show, I think they only show when you’re in the city where you earned them. Case in point: I got Fashionista in Dallas, it disappeared when I was in Fort Worth, it returned when I returned to Dallas. My Bravo Newbie never shows, as I got it in Houston.

  50. michaelebailey

    There is another new badge that just popped up this afternoon, 4sq Day 2010. It is right after the Bansky badge on the mobile.


  51. Yeah! All of us involved with Foursquare Day have been waiting for this! Check out all the festivities!

  52. Where do you find the updated badges? Is the Foursquare Day badge legit from Foursquare?

    • Yes, that is the legit badge (view the source file). All of the badges here (except for the april fools day joke) are displayed directly from foursquare servers.

  53. The History Channel badge was shown and posted.

    • thanks! I was just looking at that. I’m going to wait until I have the actual badge image from foursquare, though.

  54. Hi! I’m wondering if I can re-publish this on the Foursquare Day official blog? ( This is a fantastic list, BTW! Thx

  55. Any help for those of us trying to play up in Saint Paul, Minnesota? I scanned the web but didnt find much….thanks for the help!

  56. thanks for all the badge info!

  57. This is a great resource, thanks so much for your hard work compiling this list. foursquare is so much more fun when you know how to get these badges.

  58. Checking my badges on the app, I spotted three new markers: Time Out – Happy Hour and Historian, which you mention are coming soon, and a third, Elite Shopper. Any idea about that last one?

    • Thanks, ‘elite shopper’ is the new badge from LuckyMag. Remember the ‘show hopper’ badge from fashion week? I think the magazine was a little disappointed with the performance of the last badge, and since the ‘show hopper’ badge was deactivated, they’ve still been busy tagging locations with ‘luckymag’. This one will be available to a much larger segment of foursquare users.

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  60. Anyone know if the Banksy badge is tied only to those theatres listed on the “Exit Through the Gift Shop” link? I found it listed at River Oaks in Houston on May 7, but that playdate’s not on the link.

    • only ones i see so far are from arclight (LA), sunshine(NY), and shattuck (SF)…

      • Can you still get the Bansky badge then if the event has passed? Arclight LA was April 16th…

      • I can answer my own question actually – I just checked into the Landmark Theatre, LA today – so Banksy badge till Active!

  61. how did one unlock the Foursquare Day badge? did you have to check in at one of the official parties?

    • It was unlocked by a shout “Happy foursquare day!”. Alternatively, I understand that #4sqday in a shout was also effective.

      I posted it on the moment that I learned the key, but I found out myself through twitter searches the night before, as people began unlocking it in Asia.


  62. banksy is also playing at embarcadero center cinema a friend of mine earned his banksy badge there.

  63. That banksy show is playing in Philly on Friday. If I go to the venue and shout out banksy will that get me the badge?

  64. Anyone get the History Channel badge yet?

    • Yes, I have (in Los Angeles) I am not sure how many checkins it took though. Many of the places I have been to before so not entirely sure when they were tagged with “historychannel”. Good luck!

    • Gordon Werner

      it takes 2 checkins at any venue tagged with “HistoryChannel”

  65. Do you know if you can get the Socialite and/or Gossip Girl badge in Los Angeles? I haven’t seen attained here by anyone and not sure how to get them. Thanks!

  66. chiswede — Got my HC badge today. I think it is 3 different location check-ins, beginning yesterday.

  67. Historian Badge question – On the 4SQ History Channel page they have 100 venues listed (the max I have seen on any page) yet I found US Cellular Field (Home of the White Sox) has a ToDo of theirs. But this venue is NOT on the 100 list. Seems either 4sq needs to increase the list options or we won’t easily know the options. (it would be nice if it was mapped too).

    • Yeah, 100 venues across the country would make it hard for most to get the necessary three. They probably marked their favorites, left the rest for local discovery by tag search: historychannel.

      • Super awesome comment DrewN.

        Works for me…as I’m not in NYC. Seems like 4sq has some work to do in the area of making their partners venues a bit easier to find.

        I know you can change your location, but if I was travelling to SF it would be nice to be able to visit their sponsors and see what is suggested in said city. (not always badge related, just suggested.)

        Anyway, thanks again!

    • yes, the tag search is ‘historychannel’, and that works everywhere except NY, where a search will default to the venue (the history channel offices).

  68. Well, this is awesome! But what I really needed, instead of just a list, is the requirements to GET the badges. Like the Bravo ones or whatever…no clues as to what’s required. Any ideas? Other sites that list HOW to get them?

    • thanks – although it may not immediately look like it, the answers are nearly all here. I’d encourage you to look closely at the message given when a badge is unlocked, and click through the example of the badge, looking closely at the venue. Run out to twitter, and do a search for other people that have unlocked the badge – what are they doing in common? Also, I believe it’s been mentioned earlier, but pay attention to the ‘sponsor’ column. The first requirement for all the sponsored badges I’m aware of is that the user follow the sponsor.

  69. The Bon Appetit-Navigator is a puzzle. Hitting the link gave me 10 venues total, 9 in New York and the last venue in Houston, TX. Maybe Bon Appetit is adding more venues? I’d love to hear if you get the same.

    • I agree; I saw in the trades today this article:
      “Conde Nast’s Bon Appetit Magazine completed an integration with location-based social network Foursquare to provide users with curated epicurean and travel destinations handpicked by Bon Appetit editors. The Best of Food & Travel City Guides will allow users to “check in” to a Bon Appetit-selected location via the mobile or online service, where they can read tips and recommendations from Bon Appetit editors. An original monthly feature at will highlight favorite menu selections by Foursquare Mayors of spots featured in the “Hot 10″ restaurant column in Bon Appetit magazine.”

      So I am hoping they broaden it to more than NYC, sounds like they will be…

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  71. New Badges! WSJ has three new NY specific badges … time to update the list!

  72. andra_kentheer

    yaaay i’ve unlock urban adventure badge in Staten Island Zoo

    • yes, I suppose you did. Now, you realize the whole idea about “checking in” is to actually be at the venue, right???

      • It would be sweet justice if venues had “hours of operation” to prevent those cheap after-hours drive-bys.

      • Andra – if you really want to be honest now, go to your history and delete the checkin. I nailed two badges last night in a single checkin (something I was curious if it could be done and then forgot about) and upon getting back to my pc saw that I double checked in at the venue. I deleted the second check in and POOF! there went the two badges. I’ll get them next time I guess. But hey I feel good, karma.

      • DrewN – I agree badge parameters would be interesting. There are some badge locations that no longer exist, as in the building itself is gone. The drive by checkin seems to be the only option.

    • andra_kentheer

      ok thanks all…

    • andra_kentheer

      thanks guys, i’ve deleted as @dave kaufman said, no WSJ badge..thanks, sorry for my mistakes

    • I think there can be legitimate “drive-by” check-ins — I’ll give you an example of one I did last week; I’ll let you all decide if what I did was “improper” vis-a-vis foursquare ethics:

      I went to a press screening of Exit Through The Gift Shop a few days before the movie opened in Philly and the Banksy badge was activated. I had seen the movie, so when I next walked by the theater (it’s on my way to work) after the movie had opened, I did a drive-by check-in to get my badge.

      Proper check-in? No?

      • I could live with that. 4sq hasn’t recognized all my pizza check-ins, so I may do something similar if I ever get to 20.

  73. Awesome source! Keep it going.

  74. Any news on the Bon Appetit badge? First guy to get it was in and around Dayton, OH, on the first day available. How the hell is that possible? I mean, Ohio? Really?

  75. I went to see Exit Through the Gift Shop yesterday in Baltimore, and had a shout out with both Banksy and Exit Through the Gift Shop in it but did not received the badge. Does anyone know how foursquare is approving venues?

    I went here:

    • I went this weekend, to a theater that was listed on – no badge, but what a great movie! that was very cool.


      • Are you going to make a request through proper channels to get your badge? It does sound interesting, but if the movie’s playing in a city I live in, I’d go see it even if it was terrible, because the badge has some degree of exclusivity attached to it. And both the Baltimore and Denver theatres are listed on

      • Tony, I believe this is the venue you should’ve checked-in to:

        One of your fellow Denver residents scored the badge yesterday at this venue. She’s one of only three visitors to the venue. Alas, it’s a duplicate. Funny that it works while the other more frequented venue doesn’t.

      • @ DrewN – I have seen this time and time again while merging venues. I always guessed the intern/jr. marketing person didn’t know how to use the 4sq db well enough to do their search when assigning their tips/tags to the venues. Even 4sq employees in the Client services division can’t possibly know how many duplicate venues there are. Locals know their area, plain an simple.

    • Maybe you needed to check-in at this venue:

      This venue shares same name as the theatre on the site link. Maybe go back and retry?

      • Thanks for the tip Drew. I think you are right that I checked into the theater listing that was not tagged to give out the badge. I went with the venue that more people had checked in at, and that was created as a theater. I will try checking into the other listing to see if I get the badge. Thanks again.

      • It turns out that there were two listings in foursquare for the theater. I added them both to the merge list and they were merged. I them went back and checked into the theater again with the shout out “Exit through the gift shop Banksy” and I received the badge. Thanks again for all the tips.

    • I went to see the film in MPLs as well, but was not able to access the badge. Was there a special tag for the film? I was surprised it did’t unlock. I attended it here…..

  76. Tony, your Time Out – Happy Hour badge was scored on a Denver venue. How’d that work? I also saw another scored at the same Beavercreek, OH venue attached to the Bon Apppetit badge. Is there some sort of shout that goes with bar check-ins? The two venues have no tags in common.

    • The time out tag was not restricted. Consider it ‘creative application’, however they appear to have been subsequently removed. I don’t know what’s going on with BA.

      • BA’s tags are not restricted either.

      • The tags for Time Out and Bon Appetit are restricted now. I encouraged my brother to take advantage, but he lives in Nashville. He was busy with “other” problems.

    • Both the BA badge and Time Out NY badge are not geo specific? They look like they only are tied to NY (or now for BA, Las Vegas) locations – they don’t seem to be tagged/tied to/recommended etc. to other cities.


      • tonyfelice

        While it may be that the venues related to those badges occur in specific cities only, those badges are not tied to cities, they are tag-related.

      • There are legitimate BA locations in cities other than NY and LV. There are two in Texas. Look for the “Bon Appetit Magazine did this…” in the tips section. If you don’t see it, then chalk it up to creative application.

  77. The WordCamp badge was only active for the weekend of May 1st, it’s off now.

  78. gr8 LIST!

    the text of WJS Lunchbox is not right though:
    Have a great power lunch! You’ve checked into two restaurants reviewed by The Wall Street Journal’s Lunch Box column.

    • just seeing who’s paying attention… a fairly large social media firm has been lifting and re-publishing content from this page without attribution, and while I’m not quite ready to ‘out’ them yet, I did want to re-confirm the ‘borrow’. Thanks for being patient.


  79. Tony,

    Thanks for fueling my Foursquare competitiveness with this post! After all, a person has to have goals… right? Cheers!

  80. Tony —

    Can’t tell if this is for real, or just an inside joke, but here’s an article about a potential new badge:

    Can you verify?

  81. If you think there’s a strong bias towards certain cities, think yourself lucky you’re even in the US. I’m a UK-user, and badges like the Banksy one (where the film was released way before the US-release) isn’t even available in this country. Foursquare themselves have said that they’re really not interested in looking at different territories in terms of special badges, or even allowing badges that already exist to be available to international users, which personally I find a little crazy and blinkered.

    • You have to remember that Foursquare is a business, and still a relatively small (20-employee) one. Small companies need to concentrate on markets where they can make money.

      Right now, that means they have to concentrate on making deals close to home (the U.S. and Canada), because they’re not equipped for transoceanic deal-making yet! Maybe someday they’ll be big enough to be international for real.

      Remember, Facebook used to be U.S.-only, too, and look at them now. On the other hand, remember Friendster? One of the things that hobbled their early (advertising-based) business plan was the realization that they had more users in the Phillipines than in the United States, but no business partner who could help them monetize the non-U.S. users.

  82. I read toward the back of the latest GOOD magazine that they are taking submissions for Good places, with a check in at five earning you a badge. Do you know anything about this badge?

  83. Does anyone know the status of the HBO badges (nightlife, tastemaker, cocktail)? It looks like they may have been deactivated. I was able to get the Cityscape but not the other 3. Doesn’t it only take 3 check-ins at the listed locations and a follow of HBO How To Make It? These for the Blackbook tags: and here for a list of Racked /

    • Yeah, seems like those were shut down Apr 1.


      • Jupitergeek

        Anyone have a clue why HBO badges were Retired? This news makes me realllllly saddd. 😦

      • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say ‘cost’. The HBO badges came one the heels of a flurry of other badges, and these just didn’t get the kind of media coverage that the others enjoyed. I imagine that HBO didn’t feel that they were getting the kind of return they were hoping for, and stopped paying the monthly fee to keep the badge active.


  84. Do you know how to have a badge created for your county?

    I want to have a badge created for the Catskills maybe call it the Borscht Belt Badge

    Any tips?

  85. Jeffrey Haribowo


    Great job on gathering all these badges and also keeping it up to date.

    FYI — The Super Swarm badge is not exlusive to SXSW anymore. Indonesia unlocked it two weeks ago during the Iron Man 2 movie premiere — and I was there!

    also, I read that guys in Atlanta are going to have a “super swarm party” during the Atlanta Sweetwater Beer Festival this Saturday (15 May)

    And just to let you know that 4sq updated the super swarm badge description. You might want to check it out.

    All the best!

  86. Jeffrey Haribowo

    Whoa.. Just found out. Another super swarm badge was unlocked in Indonesia yesteday during “May 12 Tragedy Commemoration Day”.

    Third Super Swarm Badge outside SXSW

  87. I was wondering if you have already /or have any plans to open your datasource to read only access.

    I copied all of yours into my own database and wrote a greasemonkey script that generates a “remaining” table underneath the earned badge list for any given user on the pages.

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  89. Just FYI, I unlocked the Banksy badge at the Landmark Century theater in Chicago on May 10th.

    Any truth to the rumor that the SXSW ‘Porky’ badge is now nationwide?

  90. Looks like they’ve just released three new badges for you to add. They’re for checking in to the Today Show’s Summer Concert Series:

  91. There are 3 new badges for the Today Show, not just one:

  92. What about the Andy Cohen Badge? I keep seeing that in the iPhone app badge list.

  93. Sorry if this has been answered, but are you sure that the “celery salt” (chicago) is still active? I’ve checked in to 5 of the places but haven’t received a badge. Two of the places were the same name but different addresses. Not sure if that would make a difference. Other than that, thanks for the list. It’s helped me get a few so far and I’m happy to look for some others. Thanks again.

  94. There was apparently a new bravo badge unlocked in Dallas yesterday. The “Andy Cohen” badge, the thing is, the badge isn’t showing up, just the text –


  95. Anyone heard of Big Omaha badges? Just saw this one:

  96. Andy Cohen Badge
    Here’s What: You’re a man/woman about town, hitting up all the right places to see A-listers and be seen by A-listers. Keep it up and one day you may just be one of those A-listers! And for that we say “Mazel” to you.

  97. Sooooo, you can only check in at the Plaza between the hours of 7am-10am for the Roker and 10 for 10 badges to be unlocked?? And is that daily or only on the days of concerts?

    quoted from the site:

    So check in with us on weekdays between 7-10:00 a.m. EST on the Plaza (for best viewing, we recommend you arrive before 6:00 a.m.). Depending on how often you join us for the live, free music, you could progress from a “newbie” badge (your first concert) to a “Roker” badge (three check-ins) or a “10 to 10” (those who do it 10 times).

    • I got the Today Show Newbie badge on Monday, which was a non-concert day. I’ve been back every morning since for 4 check-ins, but have not received the 2nd badge. So it looks like the concert days definitely have something to do with the other two badges.

      • I guess we’ll see next friday at the next concert, that will be 3rd check in. Roker should unlock

  98. Pity there isnt any new badges for those of us outside the US- I know its a NYC game but now that its been pushed out to places like China where I live, and we cant use twitter caus its blocked, 4SQ is like a microblog for us. All the new badges are just in the US and for mainly techgeekfests- would be nice to open it up a little. just sayin.

  99. Foursquare is a great idea, which I am quite new to, but if it does grow internationally it could have implications on social media marketeers. I hope it does eventually head overseas. Then some “international” badges would be very welcome. 🙂 Great list. I will add a link to this from my blog.

  100. Time Out Chicago has a new badge out, not sure when it went live though.

    “Time Out – Bar Hunter
    Whoa! You sure know Chicago bars! That’s 4 check-ins at venues recommended by Time Out Chicago.”

    • Still awaiting friend confirmation for “following” Time Out Chicago. This means I get those tips when I check into venues, but I don’t get the badge until they accept my “following.”

      Any ideas to get their attention? I’m only here this weekend.

  101. On a separate note, while browsing the Lookin’ for Love badge unlocks on twitter, I came across one user who got the badge without a check-in. I’ve seen this before with the I’m on a boat! badge, where you just need to shout the appropriate phrase. Anyone know if such a phrase exists? I’ve hit 2-3 venues without any success, so I hope a shout is all I need to get it.

    • Hey Drew, I would be interested to know how you unlocked these…

      … ALL in Dallas. There are some badges you absolutely have to go out of state for, but others that can be unlocked in most major cities. I am trying to put together a list of badges that anyone can get for the city, I would appreciate your input.

      • Paul Notar

        Re: the Bon Appetit badge, something has changed. The last time I looked at their To Do list, I thought it was all Las Vegas sites. I just checked it now, and it Fried Chicken spots accross the country. Is it possible they are rotating their active reviews in order to provide more opportunities to unlock the badge?

      • tonyfelice

        @axzm – One thing to keep in mind is that there is no longer any concept of a ‘city-specific’ badge. They are tied to shouts or venues (through venueId or tag)


      • Here goes:

        This one is legitimate, it was my second visit to a Bon Appetit location (the first was in Houston) and if you visit that location on you will see a tip by Bon Appetit.

        The remaining two you can chalk up to “creative application,” as Tony puts it. To reiterate, badges are often tied to tags, and tags are often unrestricted at first. So sometimes a badge can be scored early, before the tag is restricted.

      • @tony – I realize that, but if the tag has not been assigned to a venue in your area / city, and the tag to unlock a badge cannot be added to a venue, then some badges might as well be city specific.

        @ Drew N – So basically “creative application” is where you add a tag to a venue that will unlock a badge before the tag has been locked, then check in there. Gotcha. So that’s why you have more badges than me. 😉

      • tonyfelice

        hey, didn’t mean to sound like a doosh. There are badges that are locked down to geographic regions, like BK4 and Far Far Away. The SXSW badges also had unique geofences. For example, you had to be in Austin to shout for the swimmies badge, and Swarm was active everywhere but Austin during the first three weeks of March.

        I should have said that I’ve not yet seen a geofence used on sponsored badges, and that the badges you’re asking about are tied to venue by tag.


      • Once again:

        This one is legitimate, it was my second visit to a Bon Appetit location (the first was in Houston) and if you visit that location on you will see a tip by Bon Appetit.

        This one was tagged creatively by me, it has since been pulled. It’s not in New York, but about New York, sort of.

        This one is clearly not in Dallas, but here’s one that is:

    • When users unlock a badge through a private venue check-in, the venue is not displayed on the user’s badge description. That badge is tied to venues, so without seeing the actual unlock that you’re referring to, it’s a pretty safe bet that they asked for that check-in to be private.


  102. I think the “Shear Genius” or “Hair Aware” is no longer active.

    • It is active.

      Just got my haircut a couple wks ago and it unlocked…and surprised me at the same time

      • Hi Jase, thanks. Tried everything. Now I got no more hair to cut!

      • Jase, where did you go to actually unlock the shear genius/hair aware badge? I’ve had a few check-in’s to places that should unlock it, yet haven’t. Is it only in NY? My check-ins were both in Chicago places that were appropriately tagged/categorized.

    • No, its any salon or hair place tagged bravo. Im not positive how many you need for it tho because some spa’s that also cut hair are tagged bravo, but its a spa not an actual barber. Follow what Im sayin? So i could have a few check into to places that are tagged bravo (spa or gym etc), dont specialize in hair, but still do cuts on the side maybe.

      At any rate I believe it was at a place called Aiken in the Pittsburgh area. Thats without lookin it up and off the top of my head (no pun intended)

  103. I think the Douchebag badge is no longer active.

  104. Hi all,
    Is there any way to check at step we are in the pending badge that we try to get…?

    ex : some website tells me that I checked only 15 times to get the “I Love BK” and that I need 10 more ?


    • Corey, I think that would be a fantastic website. Foursquare does an alright job with this, but someone might be cleaver enough to come up with a “5 more checkins until you get X badge” I sort of wrote about this when I was trying to get my GymRat badge. Another 30 days, another 10 check ins. I’m gonna get it.

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  106. I have the motorola droid from verizon, and have downloaded the four square app. I love it so much, but it has been very difficult to obtain badges, is there an easier way. I have tagged a few places and am the mayor of 3 places, but for some reason it tells me, that it will check me in but I am too far from the location, which is impossible when I am right in front of the location, or when I try to creat a new location with the correct address, it tells me duplication…..please help, I want more badges

  107. Three more new badges for you to add. This time from visitPA to promote tourism in Pennsylvania.

  108. Tony … Just for me, PA badges are here!

    (Although I do not understand the part about special “QR” locations).

  109. Tony can explain something to me please?

    I’ve heard 2 different stories on the elusive super swarm. One story says if u are check in #249, when #250 checks in, u (being #249) will get it as well as #250. Then everyone else after does. But the 248 prior to it unlocking misses out.

    Story 2 says when it unlocks EVERYONE who is checked in from #1 – #250 will get it and beyond 250.

    So what’s the real truth? Ill be at the MGM Grand Sat nite for UFC and don’t wanna miss out if story 1 is the case

    • I believe the former is actually true. The people that check in afterward are awarded the swarm. I understand that 4sq has said that they have made changes to the way that this works, so it would be interesting to see.

      Two things you can do: check in initially, watch for the swarm, check in somewhere else, and then return to the swarm; OR-

      Identify a user that was at the venue the same time as you that was awarded the swarm, and post it on getsatisfaction. Chrysanthe is pretty good about helping people out with legitimately missed badges.


    • We just hit the Super Swarm badge this morning at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup rally. Sweet!

  110. when foursquare introduced the cheater check gps thing it messed up every single venue in Beijing- the govt doesnt like google maps much here and it seemed that the 4SQ GPS integration had either the venues location or your location in different places. every single entry had to be redone in order to check into it.

  111. I am so baffled by Ziggy’s wagon. Everyone who is unlocking it (based on Twitter search) seem to be in Jakarta. I legitimately tagged a few places ‘food truck’ and they’ve been removed. Any ideas?

    • Angela —

      I got a Ziggy in Philadelphia. I tagged my local carts with three tags (since I didn’t know which one was the correct one): food truck, food cart, and food wagon. Once I did that, three check-ins (and great cheap lunches) later, I was ziggy-fied.

    • One of the places I originally tagged ‘food truck’ is classified as a restaurant, but also drives around a taco truck. I visited another place actually classified as a food truck and got the badge! Thanks for the tip.

  112. Ive heard from a few different people and sources that it is 25+ check-ins now to get this badge. Which means you are gonna be hitting up ALOT more venues with douchebags hanging around in it :-p

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  114. I wonder who holds the record for most earned badges..

    • I wonder who’s having the most fun.

      There’s a real time leaderboard at osnapz. Unfortunately, most of the people at the top of that list have unlocked badges through a series of check-ins that are physically impossible. The last time I looked at the list, the user with the most verifiable badges was Damien Basile (@db).


      • Damien Basile

        Holla! 😉 And yes, I’m having fun collecting the badges. I haven’t gathered badges in other cities I haven’t been to but am looking forward to doing so when I travel.

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  116. Looks like a new badge is coming up for “The Real L Word”.

    • I’ve checked into a few of these venues (yes, I’m following the Real L Word) here in LA and I haven’t rec’d the badge. I haven’t seen anyone get it yet. I’m not sure how you get actually; I’ve looked at the tips but the places aren’t tagged with anything specifically so I’m not sure how they “track” where you’ve gone.

      This is actually similar for the experience I’m seeing with Bing-Thrillist. Not sure how you are supposed to get a badge if places aren’t tagged. (Neither look to be “shout out” related.

      Anyone have a clue?

      • Foursquare is tracking the “L word” venues by cross referencing venue attributes, venue id, and checkin. This is similar to the way that the bravo badges were broken out.

        The bing venues are all identified in the bing hometurf finder:

        I find this one in particular to be one of the few foursquare partnerships that seem to have been well thought out. It makes no difference whether the users are actually “there” or not. Bing is capturing a large share of audience and funneling them to their services. The visits, of course, are directly measurable. Then consider the extremely disproportionate number of periodicals and television networks with partnerships – the best they can do is extrapolate channel attribution. Of course, their goals are very often ‘buzz’ and awareness, but I really question the value.


      • Ah the Bing one does sound different…But how does one get the badge? I see some spots near me that are on the home turf finder but how many do you need to check in to? The ones on the home turf finder aren’t listed on the Tip section. Is it tied to a shout?

        Also, Tony, I see you got the CNN badge but the place you got it at wasn’t one of the CNN spots. Its not tagged with anything either – how did you get the badge?

      • that venue is (or was?) an official CNN spot, I’m not sure what happened to the tip.


  117. tony

    whats this about? It says its a secret Ferris Bueller badge, called the On Location badge. But Chicago already has that one active? Am I missing something or will u get this badge 2 times like you can with the Metro badges and the Gossip Girl & Socilaite badges?

  118. foursquare is now blocked in china, along with mashable for some reason, due to a large gathering of 4SQ users on Saturday morning at Tiananmen Sq- June 4th is the annual anniversary of the riots 21 years ago. apparently a swarm badge was unlocked and the associated ‘mayorship’ has become a highly coveted get by locals. time to switch to gowalla until June 4th 2011

  119. Any word on whether the Internet Week badges are active again this year?

    • there’s a new set of badges for IW this year. The first one gives some clues to the others, and I’ve updated the list.


      • Do you have any idea how to unlock Internet week 2010 badge?

        What about the different between Metro Badge and Journal Mètro Badge?

      • Got the Social Media Guru badge tonight:

      • Are the Internet Week badges for certain venues or “shouts”? Are they only in NY?
        Emma, how did you get?

      • Gial

        If you look at the message that the badges give out when their unlocked (check the list above), that should help you figure it out.

        The first badge does have something to do with a shout. Keep in mind, its (I)nternet) (W)eek (N)ew (Y)ork. There is always a catch to unlocking a badge 🙂

  120. I just saw two badges that appear to have been accidentally unlocked and then revoked by 4sq, similar to the way the “super swarm” was unlocked prior to sxsw. The badges were “playboy” and “butterfly” associated with Indonesian celebrities Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya, respectively. Although it may have been a prank, I’ll be interested to see where this goes…


    • How do you see these “reveals” of badges? An inside deal with 4sq? Or something of your own creation?

      • tonyfelice

        …something i’ve built. it’s a combination of the 4sq API, the twitter stream, the webpages that the iPhone app references, and a little yahoo pipes. I also rely on all you guys too. I’m pretty dang busy during the day, and don’t have a ton of time to check the tools I’ve built. So, comment emails are usually what trigger the updates, and i use the tools to pull the details on the badges. (somebody’s gotta keep feeding content to kyle james over at hubspot so they can steal it, right? DOH!)


    • it was a prank. as you were. 😉


  121. I am officially annoyed. A Bravo venue that I’ve been to twice just awarded a Top Chef badge to some first-time visitor.

    I’ve seen similar activity with the Hair Aware badge mentioned in this forum. Is there some subjectivity in Bravo badges being awarded?

    • Dumb question, but I assume you’re following Bravo?

      • Yes, yes. Actually, I played a hunch and got it at the other (or first?) location. Alas, that location is largely an outdoor music venue, so I was sweatin’balls to earn my badge.

    • maaybe a little bit too much “creative application,” eh Drew? It’s kinda poetic justice, wouldn’t you say?

      • Perhaps. That was Tony’s phrase, I just repeated it, put it in quotes. Now it’s my scarlet letter.

        I like your user name. Subtle.

    • right on chris! saw some CNN world cup badges too…

      • Any clue how to find CNN world cup bars (there’s 2 badges, a US one and a S. Africa one). I can’t find a list or any tags.

      • Follow CNN on foursquare. believe its

        On the tip side, there are all your venues you need

  122. Internet Week “Webutante” badge is unlocking now as we speak.

    • right on. updated!

      truth be told, @db actually found that one yesterday, but I usually wait for an unlock before posting. If they start growing mold, like the “10 for 10”, i’ll throw it up there. don’t look now, but he found a webby badge too: :lalala:


      • Just curious, at what point this week does this go eand what venue, or dont we know? How about th offical badge count unlocking for internet week? Ive been diggin, cant come up with anything right now

        As for the CNN badges, follow CNN on 4sq and there is a list of eligible venues for the Super Fan badge.

  123. I have checked into multiple internet week venues and haven’t unlocked the badges. I’ve noticed some other people checking in didn’t unlock the badges either but a lot of folks did. What happens in that case?

    • Are you shouting anything when you check into the Internet Week HQ?

      Tony, is it cool to give away the clue? Or will that take away from the social networking idea of searching and making contacts to figure it out?

      • hey, I’m not runnin’ this show!

        I like to give hints for the really hard ones, rather than lay it out in plain engrish. I’d say go with your gut, and I won’t stop ya.


      • You don’t have to shout anything for the IWNY badges. At least, I haven’t shouted anything and I have three of them.

      • Emma,

        You got the first Internet Week 2010 badge at the HQ, without a shout?

      • Hmm, that doesnt make sense. Everyone I know didnt shout anything and didnt get it, and when they checked in the next day, and shouted the lil “password” it unlocked


      • Jupitergeek

        I thought it was time-dependent, only standard operating hours of the Internet Week HQ.

  124. Can i earn the Gossip Girl one in austria? Or is that just for the US?

  125. And how can i get the panel nerd? I don’t know what a convention center is!

    • TEN check ins to the same park? These will all be drive by’s and employees. People don’t go to the same Six Flags ten times in their lifetime.

      • I agree, 10 is too many. Five would be more realistic. And the most mployees who know about this shouldnt be allowed to recieve the Mayorship deal for the following summer. Id like to see how this plays out

      • Kids with season passes can get that easily in a summer. The mayor of the Six Flags over Texas ( is at 29 visits.

      • I parked near Six Flags when attending a Rangers game, and noticed an abundance of venues within. Each major ride is its own venue. And the ride venues were all fairly uniform, suggesting someone “official” created them.

        Maybe a badge could be scored with one visit, by checking in to the park once, then hitting up the best rides and checking in to those?

      • @Drew

        That was me. I visited Six Flags a couple of weeks ago and saw one ride with its own venue. So, I took it upon myself to create venues for each ride (that I rode). I then went back in to 4SQ later on the web to make sure the GPS location was correct on all of them and give them all address / consistent information.

        If it were up to me, I’d go in and fix EVERY SINGLE address and location in the Dallas area. There are so many missing street addresses or cities, or are just in the wrong physical location. Makes me upset.

      • LOL @ “that was me”…

        “foursquare, making the small world a little smaller since 2009”


      • yeah, for people who live near a 6 flags and get a season pass, 10 visits is nothing for a summer and fall… especially when you count Fright Fest.

        Great Adventure is a great coaster park.. I try to go at least 10 times every year just for the thrills.. this will be a fun badge to get.

    • Hahaha @ Nathan.

      Thats taking the initiative.

      I do wish there was a way to do that. From what I know, the Super User Status 1,2 & 3 have all been put on hold and no one is getting that luxury anymore. It would be nice, because I find the same issues with pin placement, dupe venus and missing info. Also venues that are non existant or closed. I know you were able to delete, merge and change all info on any venue with that. And there arent many ppl with that status

      Side note @nathan Not sure if you are aware of this but any time you become the mayor of a venue, you automatically can do all of the venue changes you need to. I had to do this with my work because the pin placement was 500m away from the clubhouse and its impossible to get to its central location sometimes. Once I became Mayor, I moved it and switched a bunch of wrong stuff….then yelled at my friend for creating it like that in the first place hahahaha

      • @ Jase – According to what I have heard Level 3 while mentioned doesn’t actually exist. Meaning they had plans for it but it never materialized or was turned on.

        As for pin placement, be aware your friend might not have realized, 100s of venues are many meters away from their pin. I moved about 8 today alone. Often times this causes gps check in issues if the venue was to far off.

        The gps location, tower location app space is pretty new. For example, does a golf course vs. a mall vs. a big box store (with a giant parking lot) vs. a tiny subway all warrant the same radius from the pin? Likely not. Is this coded yet? (unknown)

        Also any Super User can edit any any venue. Just post your issues in Get Satisfaction.

      • It does exist, as I’m a Level 3 Super-user.

      • @chaffro – I was wrong. Sorry.

        What is added editing options a L3 user has?

      • That’s OK Dave, no apology necessary!

        I can edit map location, categories, tags and aliases and mark venues as closed or for merging with duplicates but I can’t edit address information (which doesn’t automatically update even if the map pin is moved). From my understanding, Level 3 is the lowest level Superuser, so presumably more editing options are available for 1’s and 2’s.

      • When in 4s does it say – This is you. Super User: Level 3.

        I can 100% confirm that the SU Levels are 1 is the lowest, 2 is next and then 3.

        Can you actually merge?

        I can do all you mentioned as a SU2, and edit address info.

      • @Chaffro – “From my understanding, Level 3 is the lowest level Superuser, so presumably more editing options are available for 1′s and 2′s.”

        It is actually the opposite as far as I know. The first Super user level is 1, the next is 2, the highest available is 3.

      • @Dave @axzm Yes, I can merge venues. Wow, L3 is the highest? I’ve become more powerful than I could have possibly imagined!

      • @Dave

        Funny you mention pin placement on a golf course. My part time palce of work is a country club with a huge golf course. And whenthe venue was created with the right address, the pin placement was in the middle of the course!!

        I moved it to the clubhouse, now check ins are a breeze. Gone are the days where it “thinks im a little too far away”

  126. Just a heads up for the World Cup fans.

    Bing added a badge for the World Cup.

    Thats a total of 3 so far.

  127. New Badge from is called Met Lover.
    See here ->

    Badges are popping up quite a bit now!

    Great List by the way…

    • Looks as if that badge got unlocked by mistake. Possibly spit out by the foursqare database by accident or too early.

      Tony mentions something about this with 2 other badges in the past in this blog a little ways up. Im betting its the same situation

    • this one looks like it’s here to stay. that gal works at the met. =)


      • Oh really? So how come it was unlocked then removed from her page? Is it not ready to go public or did 4sq pull it because she checks in there consistiently bc of work?

  128. Tony,

    I know you’re limited to the wordpress format, but have you thought about splitting the badge list up from our comments? Up top, you’ve got “Front Page” and “List of Badges” as headings, so how about splitting up content? As fast as badges are coming, as fast as we all talk about them, this pageview is getting longer and longer.

    Just an idea.

    • Great suggestion… I’m working on a solution, but don’t know how long it will take me. I think you’ll like it, though!


  129. Hey Tony;

    I unlocked the Bing Home Turf Badge.

    • dude, you rock!


    • Greg, how many checkins at Bing venues through the home turf finder did it take for you to attain the badge?

      • @Bobby

        Its a total of 3 from all of the information Ive come across. As is the CNN Superfan

      • Was it the same venue 3 times? I’ve been to 3 different venues, though I was watching a game at only 2 of them.

      • It seems to be tied to a shout. I tried a few times while checking in off the grid, and it didn’t work. Then I just shouted it and it unlocked. I’m only following them on foursquare. I do not have the bing map app. Hope this helps,

      • It’s a shout for sure. I think it has to be a shout for a team that’s playing that day, and I think it has to be 3 total shouts. I just popped it checking into work with a Go New Zealand shout. They’re playing Slovakia now.

      • I unlocked the Bing badge from – I hate to say it – my sofa in front of the TV at home. All it required was three “Go, !” shouts.

    • I’m a little confused as to how Greg was able to get the Bing badge if Baltimore isn’t a city listed on their home turf finder. Are there other places in other cities then that they just do not list?

    • I also just unlocked it by shouting for my favorite team, no venue involved. Although, as well as following Bing on 4SQ I’ve also linked Bing! to my Foursquare account..

      I have a feeling the specific locations are for the World Cup badge whereas the Bing! jersey badge is merely tied to a “shout-out” but could also involve said linking. Anyone else?

      • I think you’re right.

        Looks like she unlocked it without checking in anywhere, too:

        Also, the venue Greg unlocked his badge at isn’t listed on bing’s “tips” list, nor is on the “home turf” map list. Same with this guy:

        I’ll try and just “shout out” tomorrow, see what happens.

      • @JupiterGreek – just to be sure I understand you. You did not check in any of the locations listed in the home turf finder to unlock the badge. You just shouted for your favorite team at a random venue? If you don’t mind sharing, what did you say? Did you mention bing or use hashtags in the shout?

        Also, when you say you linked to a Bing account with foursquare? Do you mean the foursquare everywhere big map app? Or is there something extra you did.

        @jase or anyone who can answer. For the CNN super fan badge, does it have to be 3 checkins at 3 separate venues or will 3 checkins at one location work?


      • I’m not seeing an obvious link between Bing and 4sq. It was obvious with Waze, Bravo City Guide, ThrillList, etc.

        Any ideas?

      • Jupitergeek

        @Eric, excellent sleuthing.. we’ve got that in common!
        @Bobby, Yes indeed the Bing Foursquare Everywhere App in the browser.
        I’m also going to guess it will be 3 separate locations OR possibly even 3 separate games at the same locale — only during game time. They’ve got time restrictions on specific venue events, for example: I checked-in to Internet Week HQ after the “standard operating hours” and did not receive a badge. 😛

      • @Bobby

        Sorry I was away from the computer all day today. Im working on the details for the Bing for you as far as check ins go and if there is a shout involved or not. Ill let you know

      • I got it. All I did was shout: “go Denmark!” (it was my second shout, btw).

        @Jupitergeek Thanks! Always nice to meet a fellow sleuth.

      • When you guys shouted it, was your team playing at that time? I’ve tried a couple of “Go USA” shouts today and have nothing to show for it.

      • Well, I shouted several times & it did not work for me. Don’t know why.

    • My first inclination was that the badge was tied to a shout. The bing 4sq page says, “Don’t forget to give a shout out to your favorite soccer team and let your friends know exactly where your loyalty lives.”


      • @Bobby

        Its 3 check ins at 3 diff venues or 3 check ins at the same venue for the Superfan

    • Hm, following Bing. Shouted out Go USA! why isn’t it opening?

      • Wait until a US game time and shout it. Ive seen the ppl who have unlocked this, have done so during game time. Some an hour before opening kick.

        There are also some who have unlocked it AT a Bing venue with their shout. Either way, a shout is needed.

        PS – if ur tying the shout to a venue check in make sure that your friends “know where you are checking in at” as well.

      • Ok, so I just checked into a random venue (my work) and shouted “Go Italy!” since they’re playing right now, and I’m following Bing. Nothing.

      • It’s possible that you need more than one shout to unlock the badge. I would try again tomorrow. Also, try the shout without checking in anywhere.

      • Do we have reason to think it is tied only to USA? I went to a venue tagged on Bing with an Italian flag, checked in with a shout of “Go Italy”, about 20 minutes before the game started, as well as a shout during the game. No dice.

      • Its very possible that it has to be a Bing venue from their page that you are checking into and shouting. Definitely not limited to USA or any single country. The system would recognize all team names as they did with the Lakers and Celtics badge.

        One usr did say his shout when he unlocked it was his second shout. So there may be some truth to that. However one user I talked to said he just randomly shouted Go USA and unlocked it. First shot. So this badge really confuses me

    • I got the Bing badge today. I shouted ‘Go Brazil!’ (no check in) yesterday during their game; ‘Go Spain!’ (no check in) during their game today. It didn’t pop right away, but a couple of hours later I noticed I had the badge. My husband did exactly the same (at least we can’t think of anything we did differently) and got nothing. Mysterious.

  130. I have now eaten at 3 restaurants tagged bon appetit, yet somehow did not get the bon appetit badge. I was following bon appetit for all 3 check-ins, yet only 2 of them now are listed on the bon appetit foursquare page. The 3rd one has a bon appetit comment on the restaurant page. Any ideas?

  131. I just popped it, i think you have to hit up bon a petit reviewed spots in different cities.

  132. presenting…the “South Africa Explorer”, badge 181, unlocked this evening.

    “Six Flags Funatic” and “Cupcake Connoisseur” were also unlocked tonight, however, the users who pulled them seem to have done so from Indonesia.


    • Nothin against Indonesians, but they are all epic foursquare failures. To the highest degree. I dont get how they can unlock a badge from Atlanta or New York that even New Yorkers DONT even have having not set foot within the U.S. Theyre gonna ruin the idea of the game/networking. Maybe the foursquare team could do something about it?

      OR – if they can prove the cheating (prob fairly easy) then maybe they can unlock a special hidden “cheater badge” that cant be removed from their page even with a venue delete from their history where they unlocked it from so that everyone who sees their badge list, sees that badge. Kind of like putting it out there that this person is shady for all to see lol

    • Now, I never called anyone a cheater =)

      I don’t think that any users ‘fibbing’ check-ins is going to hurt the game. For that matter what do we win? Please send my prize to 3457 Ringsby Ct., Denver CO, 80216, Suite 205. =) It’s an ‘honor system’ and I think it will continue to be for some time.

      Bottom line is that companies are paying for these badges, foursquare wants to sell them, and companies want to see a return. If you can get people unlocking your badges, and those badges stick on people’s profile indefinitely, that’s residual value. Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, has emerged as a highly active, as well as unexpected segment which has increased foursquare’s marketability in that region. To wit:

      I’d imagine that foursquare is considering any usage good, because those are the numbers that they put in front of their investors.


      • HAha true enough, you didnt call them that!!

        It just makes anyone with badges in that country look bad when everyone over there has badges from South Africa, New York and Atlanta but still in high school. (i did some investigation lol)

        Few bad apples can make the whole country of users look bad.

        But then again, you are also right, the venues theyre unlocking them at are getting exposeure> As is the company its tied to

  133. For the Bing badge i followed bing and shouted Go USA two days in a row and it unlocked this morning during a match. So it may only need one time during a World Cup match. BTW it was just a shout and not anywhere nere a bing site.

  134. I think the “fibbing” check-ins (and acquiring badges in such a manner) are detrimental to 4sq and it’s future – for several reasons.

    – Think about it, if your a company buying a badge and “the numbers” foursquare puts in front of you represent a large # of users who have managed to display your logo on their profile page without ever visiting/spending $ at your venue then in the potential badge buyers budget 4sq is now on a level playing field with countless forms of brand advertising that can do the same thing. Foursquares appeal to venues is that it BRINGS people to it – if at least to say they were close enough to check in. Why else would the foursquare team waste its time developing “cheat” logarithms to verify the users proximity? From a profit/survival standpoint it’s not about winning a game, having the most fun or collecting the most badges – its about creating value. For this to occur there has to be some integrity behind the badges/checkins.

    My second point is this – when users playing by the rules invest travel, time, money etc in unlocking a badge only to find out that someone who has never left their couch, neighborhood, state, etc have unlocked the same badge – that experience for better or worse just lost a little value. Its like going to best buy a feeling like you got a great deal on a flatscreen for $399 and telling all your friends then opening up the sunday paper and seeing it for $299 – You get pissed and feel like a sucker. Foursquare needs to keep these users – because these are the users who leave their computer, venture out into the world and are influenced where they spend $.

    Just my two cents.

    • I realize that I opened pandora’s box here, so I’m sorry. I really don’t want to turn this into a place where people debate cheating on 4sq. There’s a lot of it yes. I believe that the ways that it affects users is more subjective than anything. If you feel that it affects you, then I certainly can’t (and won’t) argue that. I was simply trying to say that I don’t feel as though it affects me.

      I do stand behind my opinion that a branded badge has value to an advertiser, regardless of how it was unlocked. Certainly that value may not be as significant across users that are not part of a brand’s target demographic of geographic, or if that user had not actually visited a particular venue, but there is value nonetheless. Think “virtual product placement”. I would also posit that although there are quite a large number of advertisers on foursquare currently, only a small handful of those actually have venues that they are fiscally tied to, for example: Marc Jacobs, Starbucks, and Six Flags. Of those, which do you think would ask foursquare to remove a badge from a user’s profile, even if it were proven that the badge was awarded through illicit means? Think of it another way: if they were t-shirts, how many brands would request that the shirts only be worn by people who have actually visited their venue?

      As with all things in marketing, it has to come back to the business goals. Why do brands pursue foursquare sponsorships? I believe a significant portion of them are looking for increased brand awareness. When revenue must be directly tied to the unlocking of badges, that’s when you will see foursquare enforce legitimacy.

      I do encourage anyone, who feels that they are the victim of cheating, to visit GetSatisfaction and make a report so that foursquare can handle the situation in the way they deem fit.

      • @Shoe & @Tony

        Tony, sorry!! I kinda got the snoball rolling on this one with my post.

        You both make excellent arguements. I definitely think Tony nailed it on the head though when it comes to brand awareness. I certainly didnt know a thing about Time Out New York or Bon Appetite, but now when it comes to trips to NY or elsewhere TO is at, I now look at the page to see what is recommended

        No matter what you will always have someone who will do as they please once they find an angle. If they want all the badges to feed their ego as badge leader, then so be it. For the most part though, I believe that most users are pretty squared away (no pun)

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  136. Just a heads up. You can follow the show “Gossip Girl” now. It’s on the bottom of the page with the business listing.


    • Clarification: It’s not actually the show. If you look a little closer it’s the book series. Some ‘Tips’ include book names, not episode names. Episode names are always a play on movie titles.

  137. Thanks for giving me the the blurbs to these badges. My partner and I are competing to get them all. I got my first mayor badge today (6/20)

  138. How do I find locals in my area?? I’m on the iPhone app and I’m still trying to learn how to use this thing. Should I be on the website more than the actual app?

    Thanks 🙂

  139. Hi! Tony! My nickname is hjeenie and english name is Brian. I live in Korea. According to 4square’s popularity higher, users in Korea increase rapidly…. May I ask you a question? How can I get a metro badge? Isn’t it specific in Canada? or possible to get in any other countries like Korea…. I’m looking forward to your kind reply… Thank you so munch!!

    • Metro is tied to locations defined by the Canadian Newspaper, Metro, so it’s pretty difficult to get if you’re not heading to Canada. Even then, it might be a chore 😉

      • When this badge first came out I asked Metro on Twitter about whether it would roll out to other cities where Metro was distributed. They said no plans and that it was Canada only for the time being. Since Metro is worldwide this would be the PERFECT badge to truly globalize Foursquare.

  140. awesome post – i had no idea there were SO many badges available. Many seem to be USA only though. 😦

  141. So I thought you had to check into three different apple stores to get the jobs badge? I just unlocked it tonight third time same store!

  142. Northside Festival Badge, I have no clue how to get it though.

  143. there is a Northside Festival badge that I just saw a friend unlock for the Northside Festival in NYC this weekend

  144. Gordon Werner

    there is a new badge for the Dew Tour

  145. Just saw a special PK/JG badge:

    Not sure how one would unlock this, but apparently she’s got free drinks at Barcade for life now. Not too bad. 🙂

  146. Yet another badge for Foursquare and there friends in NY (yay :/)…

  147. I feel like I have missed out on badges! I wish I had internet available when I was traveling around Europe, I think I could have snagged a few more.

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  149. What’s this? An un-sponsored badge? I don’t have to follow anyone to get it? No special shouts or tweets?

    Has Hell frozen over?

  150. Is anyone else having trouble with getting the BBQ pitmaster badge? For some reason I can’t get it!

    • I hear that you need to follow TLC, and go to 3 bbq places that are tagged bbq and have a tip posted by TLC.


      I don’t know if you have to go to 3 different locations or if you can go to the same one 3 times.

      • I’m having the same proble. I’ve been to more then 3 recommended and also following TLC. The same goes for the Cupcake badge. I really don’t want to see another cupcake or rib for awhile.

    • Yeahhh I been to a couple of bbq places more than 3 times and I never gotten the badge. I am starting to get annoyed.

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  152. how to get the world cup 2010 badge ???

    • Just shout Gooooooooaaallll or ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz during an actual game. If you shout goal, make sure there truly was one played. You don’t have to be in a specific venue. I did it laying in bed while watching the game. 🙂 Good Luck!

  153. And what about this link

    seems like you guess the 6 correct cards you get the Groupie badge

  154. I’ve tried to get the TLC BBQ pitmaster and also the Cupcake Connoisseur badge and can’t unlock them…meanwhile I’ve gained a few lbs trying. 🙂

    • Are you following them on their site?

      You would be required to have 3x + checkin to attain the badge.

      • Paul Notar

        For Cupcake, it looks like check-ins at 3 different locations. I had several at one location that never did me any good. but visiting a new site did the trick. Not sure if that applies to BBQ, but I hope to find out this weekend.

  155. Does anyone know exactly what triggers the Metro badge? I have checked in while in sightline of a guy distributing the Metro far more than 3 times, and have yet to earn the badge. Just checked the venue on 4sq, and it isn’t tagged with Metro– but then I searched for the tag and nothing came up at all.

  156. Question about the “Douchebag” tag, I want to get this one (for some odd reason), but it seems to be getting harder and harder.

    You can still search for the tag on, but when you go to the actual venue page, the tag is no longer there. Have they removed it entirely? Is this badge still attainable? Help!

    • I think 4Sq have made some changes to the website. As for the Bravo’s badges, they are really harder to attain now as I have heard it had now gone 25+ checkins.

      • Well, the 25+ isn’t a problem (I live near LA. Plenty to choose from)

        Also, can any form of “douchebag” tag work? I’ve noticed some “douchebags” and a few other variants.

      • Must have the Bravo + douchebag tag.

  157. Hey does anyone know if “Northside” is still active ? I checked in 6 places in Williamsburg and no badge was awarded 😦
    Any one knows please let me know, thank you.

  158. What happened to badges 37-54? And all of the other missing numbers for that matter

    • the numbers are the badge id in the 4sq database – there are lots of gaps, presumably some badges were tested against the production dsn, and there’s also the chance that some of them were actually activated, but never unlocked.


  159. Thank you Tony 🙂

  160. What are some badges I could get just by shouting things?

    • 16 Candles badge
      World Cup 2010 badge
      Celtics & Lakers badges (inactive tho)
      I know one of the badges for soccer (CNN or Bing, dont remember) needed a shout attached to a check in

      Do a twitter search to figure out what people are shouting for the badges 😉

  161. Tony is the “Slightly Off” badge still Active? and do you know how many events i have to check in? i checked in 3 events and still haven’t opened the badge 😦

    • That badge will be running until Aug 1, at a minimum. I’ve heard it was 5x.


      • Unless it changed recently, it was 3x for me

      • I made a run to LA today, and visited 5 of the IFC locations. I had some trouble entering the 3rd location I visited, and had to do it twice. After all 5 were entered, no badge. Hmm…

  162. It looks like foursquare made some changes to their website this weekend. You can no longer view people’s badges to see where they checked into to get it unless you are friends with the person. Also you cannot search venues for tags anymore.

    • Supposedly the Tag issue was just an issue, but it seems as if that they wont be available anymore in order to make getting a badge more difficult to get. I agree with Tonys philosophy in that if you can see the venue where ppl unlock a badge from, you can start to figure out where you need to go visit in order to unlock it. Now that you cant see where the badge was unlocked at, AND you cant find the tags to find the venues in your area you need to check in.

      I could be wrong and maybe they’re just making some changes and all that will work again soon. Maybe Tony, you could shed some light on this for me? I noticed the tag issue too last week as I had mentioned in my email to you

      • edit to TWO sentences I didnt finish!!!

        Supposedly the Tag issue was just an BUG issue from what Ive heard,

        Now that you cant see where the badge was unlocked at, AND you cant find the tags to find the venues in your area you need to check in, I find it is going to make alot of users upset and maybe not want to use it much more. HOWEVER, thats what the tips on the Follow pages are for.

      • The tips listed on the “follow” pages would be a lot more useful if they were sorted based on proximity to your current location. If I’m home in Philadelphia, I have a better chance of going to NYC to find a location associated with Real L Word rather than California or Miami. Most of the tips make no mention of the location, which means a lot of drilling down and backing out of each venue’s entry.

        Then again, at this point I’m not sure if the L Word badge has even been made active, but that is another story…..

      • @Paul

        If im not mistaken, most badges attached to Brands (Real L, VisitBucksCo, Texas A&M etc) are all active as of the pages being created on 4sq. Its just a matter of people checking into the venues needed to spit out the badge from the data base and going “live” after its unlocked. When you see them on Tonys page above, thats always after the first person has unlocked it. Mostly theyre never posted before.

        Am I on the right path?

      • tonyfelice

        the pages go up about 2wks before the badges get activated.


      • Jupitergeek

        Not as easy as it sounds! Brands such as Bon Appetit have erased their current “Top 10” from their main brand home page. You must run across their tips while randomly browsing venue pages.

        Also, I’ve noticed other brands (I think Bravo and/or Lucky) can only hold so many top comments on their home page (just like users’ “Top 12”) so its questionable whether those venues which used-to-have comments are even badge-earning anymore.

        Anyone know the details on this? It seems the game changes every week.

        “Now that you cant see where the badge was unlocked at, AND you cant find the tags to find the venues in your area you need to check in, I find it is going to make alot of users upset and maybe not want to use it much more. HOWEVER, thats what the tips on the Follow pages are for.”

      • Gordon Werner

        4sq said that the tag system was overtaxing their databases and they are working on a new way to implement it. As for places that no longer have tips from Bravo … the locations are still valid for getting badges … I have been able to get 3 or 4 of them in Seattle at places with no tips

  163. hi tony, i’ve been checking ins to met museum 6 times and followed it from the 1st check in but no Met badge yet, what’s wrong/ thx

  164. how is everyone still getting the Groupie badge? is there a secret check in venue or shout you have to post?

    any hints?

    • It’s a puzzle posted at . I’ve provided a hint in the description of the badge. There are people who have posted the correct sequence within the last few weeks, but I think that it takes the fun out of it. =(

      • Gordon Werner

        I agree … I figured it out by trial and error before noticing your hint (which is more fun than just blurting the answer out)

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  166. Hi Tony

    Do you know if the ” TWTRCON NY 2010″ badge is still open and if so until what day? Is there also a TWTRCON NY 2010 i need to follow on Fousquares ? Please let me know, thanx in advance.

  167. For TLC BBQ Pitmaster badge, please note that is it 3x or more checkin at approve locations.

    • It’s not entirely clear on what “TLC fan-approved” or “pitmaster-approved” is exactly. Is it only at those 32 places where TLC as left tips (some which aren’t bbq or bakery related)? If so, no wonder it will be hard to get a badge – if you have to get three different venue checkins, I don’t think many or any are are in the same city/state. I thought maybe since it said “fan” approved – see the link to their website – as a test, for the cupcake one, (yes, I’m following TLC), I as a TLC “fan”, left tips at 3 different bakeries (tagged with cupcake) and checked into them. No badge. So that’s not it…

      • They say fan-approved as it is all places recommended by their fans. I think you can submit recommendations on their facebook page.

  168. Another person unlocking the L word badge.

    Was unlocked Fri Jul 9, 2010 at 7:22 PM @ The Little Door in Los Angeles.

  169. YOWZA! Thanks for putting all this together, Tony! An excellent reference that I’ll be sure to share with my network (and will continue to reference into the future!).


  170. Gordon Werner

    Super Swarm badge is still active (got it tonight at the Sounders game) …

    “50 person foursquare swarms are soooo 2009. We upped it to 250 for the Super Swarm and you still nailed it. Well played!”

  171. great site, tony. keep up the good work.

    i don’ t know if this topic has been covered before, but it seems like the corporate/sponsored badges are only viewable in the city where it was earned, on the iphone.

    i live in nyc-metro area and badges i got in nyc were not viewable in philly, and the visitPA badges i got in philly are now not viewable when i got back to nyc.

  172. Hi, there:

    Thanks for the great site. I’ve checked into 9 of the Gossip Girl locations (listed on their page) and I still have yet to unlock the GG badge. What gives? Is it no longer active?



  173. I unlocked the Club L badge on my first checkin to one of their venues. It was The Little Door

    Now if only I could get the Trainspotter badge. I have over 30 check ins.

  174. I think the “Shear Genius” or “Hair Aware” is no longer active

  175. sane here i think the trainspotter badge is inactive…..i’ve checked in more than 30 times and have follow bart on foursquare…

    • I’ve checked in at at least 15 different stations and probably close to 100 times at bart in general.. I’m guessing its inactive too. lame.

      • trainspotter was still active at the end of july…I’m gonna give it a few days to say for sure, but it’s still unlocking.


  176. Hey guys – am fairly new to Foursquare but love it!

    Quick question!

    What happens if you accidentally deleted a place and you achieved a badge for that check-in.. (I think it was the Gym-Rat badge) is it still possible to re-gain it? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

    A 🙂

    • Yes you can regain it with your next check in to a gym.

      I know of some people that have unlocked a badge by mistake bc they checked into the wrong place they were at. Went home and deleted that check in from their history, lost the badge, then made an effort to put their feet in that venue where it could be unlocked to get it. Just an honest practice. And the place made a new customer

      I was deleting dupe check ins bc of app issues and deleted a check in for the Super User badge. My next check in unlocked it again for me no problem

  177. Hi!!
    Is there a badge saying “Best friend” or something like that when you checkin more than 10 times with a friend? I think I saw it somewhere but can’t remember…

    • Ya there is a badge, its the first on top of this list. But it was never activated for whatever reason. Somewhere in this blog, Tony explains it a lil better

  178. Hi Tony, thank you very much for all the tips to unlock the 4sq badges!

    There’s one badge that I’ve tried to unlock but couldn’t: The BART (Trainspotter) badge. Is it still active? Because I’ve checked in to more than 10 locations but still didn’t get the badge.
    Thank you for the info, Tony!

  179. how can i get a World Cup 2010 badge?Is it still active?

    • Take a look at the badge up top in the list. Look at what is “shouted” in the badge details when its unlocked. There goes your hint 😉

  180. Any advance word about whether there will be any badges for San Diego Comic-Con?

  181. I see a badge place-holder on my blackberry for a “VH1 Fanatic”. Something to add to your list!


    VH1 Fanatic – That’s three music venue check-ins for you! Your love of live music has now been confirmed. Now go get to the front of the crowd and make us proud.

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  184. Tony

    I have tried to get the “VH1 Fanatic” badge by checking in to 7 events in New York and 1 in Brooklyn, still no badge 😦 …. Is VH-1 having problems issuing badges, because i know its only 3 check in ‘s needed to open this badge.

  185. Here are lists of venues for unlocking the VH-1 Badge

    • That’s the list of participating venues where you can redeem the free year of concerts from Live Nation. Many of them, of course, are eligible for the badge, but a few aren’t. The Taft Theater, for instance, is not eligible. According to the official rules, any venue with the primary category set as Music Venue, Rock Club or Concert Hall is eligible for the badge.

      VH1 Music Venues (as defined below) fall under three separate categories; (i) Rock Club (ii) Concert Hall and (iii) Music Venue (individually, a “VH1 Music Venue” and collectively, the “VH1 Music Venues”). During the Sweepstakes Period, users who check into three (3) pre-determined VH1 Music Venues will unlock the “VH1 Fanatic Badge” and will receive one (1) entry into the Sweepstakes.

  186. Hi Tony

    It seems there is some people that are cheating in Foursquare game. I am friends with one girl and i seen her open the VH-1 badge in New York and open the DC superman badge at the San Diego convention all within 10 minutes apart. Any ideas how people are doing this? Is that even possible? Please respond.

    • There’s a lot of that going on. depending on who you speak to, it’s rampant. There are several ways that people are doing it, but I’d prefer not to go into it here.

      For my position on ‘cheating’, please see this comment, and then finally, this one.

      Thanks for following along.

  187. VH1 fanatic should be unlocked when you go to the concerts at the venue kinda like how Thriving Ivory was unlocked at the special concert in San Francisco.

  188. I got the VH1 badge by checking into 3 venues last night in Nashville, TN – those venues weren’t even on that list, so I think that list isn’t too complete.


  189. Tony, thanks so much for keeping this list up-to-date! I’m a total social media nerd, so much so that I’ve got a copy of this list on my iPod touch (Okay, I’m a POOR social media nerd) and I use it like a scavanger hunt whenever I’m out and about! Thanks again!

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  191. Curiously this list is not available via my Android app or directly from the Foursquare website. Thanks for filling me in.

  192. Here’s another new one: Mile High for checking in from a GoGo Wireless-equipped flight.

    • Is this the first badge where you actually have to purchase a subscription/service to obtain? Couldn’t someone go to an airport and log in from a terminal? How can you tell if they are flying or not?

      • I’m assuming that foursquare is checking based on IP address, so you’d need to be connected to GoGo to make it work. Supposedly it’s not activated until the plane is above 10,000 feet, so this one should be pretty tough to fake.

    • This one had me baffled, my girlfriend got it after checking into a bar in Atlanta. She doesn’t have a wifi enabled phone. She just checks in through sms.

  193. i cant get the dew tour badge. i do have checked my self in to the official spot. then the second check in was in un-official dew spot.i still cant get the badge..the first check in was in the dew tour-festival village in chicago, then the second was in district bar…

    any solution??

  194. Hey Tony, you certain about the Slightly Off Badge only staying active until August 1st?

    I am following IFC on foursquare, have checked into 5 of the recommended venues by them and still have not received anything.

    Just double checking.

      • Any ideas as to why I can’t get the badge? I have checked into 2 more venues with tips left by IFC, but still nothing.

      • I’ve been having trouble with both the IFC and Bon Appetit badges in Portland, OR (PDX) myself. I contacted 4square customer support and was told that they were experiencing issues during the first week of August related to awarding certain badges and to continue to re-try. Still no luck for either of them at the 5 IFC locations and 3 Bon Appetit locations here in PDX.

    • did you check into venues with tips by IFC or listed as IFC Viewer? I don’t think the ones listed as IFC Viewer count (though I may be wrong)

      • I actually had this same problem. I’ve checked into at least 7 different places on the venue tip list for IFC (and yes, I’m following IFC) so I reached out to Foursquare and heard back from Chrysanthe who said:
        “Those venues have tips from IFC, but they are not part of the IFC badge. Keep checking in and you should earn the badge. ” — so I still haven’t figured out how to get the badge…(I have checked into 3 IFC staff and 3 IFC viewer reviewed venues so not sure it’s tied to that btw)

  195. Do you have any clue to unlock Bravo Hair Aware …

  196. Hi Tony,

    Mashable did an article this week about ‘unusual’ Foursquare badges and, within which they revealed two badges that apparently were never activated, so don’t know where or even if they fit in the list, but thought I’d point it out anyway: Pprom King and The Grad.

  197. Gogo is a no go! I’m posting from my cross-country flight using go-go, but got no mile high badge when I checked in. 😦

  198. How do you get foursquare to retroactively give you a badge… I contacted them and they never got back to me…

    • Chris —

      I just sent an email to customer service. Less than a day later I received an email back saying they had confirmed that my check-in was midair, and gave me the badge.

      • What is their email? I paid $9.95 to use the Gogo service last wednesday while flying from Dallas TX to Tampa FL and did not get the badge.

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  200. I’m about to go to Chicago for a couple days and I was wondering if any other badges were available there besides the ones by Explore Chicago

    • Just the 4 listed above

      • I did all this research myself a few weeks back for my 36 hours that I was going to be back in Chicago in late July. Explore Chicago has 3 badges and Time Out Chicago has one for a total of four city specific badges for Chicago.

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  202. Is badge 67 (Road Warrior) still active? I started to use Waze and have checked in more than 3 times, still no badge…

  203. How does one get the badge 163 “Roker”? Is that 3 checkins before 6AM anywhere in the world or only at the Today Show location? If the latter, that would be very hard to get it…

    • 3 Times at NBC Studios before 6am. The point was to be there for the morning concerts they had. It may still be active, I havent looked to see if there were anymore concerts though.

      Waze should still be active. I checked into 3 places using Waze and it popped for me. I seen it pop on Twitter not too long ago too. Keep checking in with Waze, it will eventually fire. Make sure you are getting the points for your check ins. Could be “too far away” when checking in because the gps hasnt settled yet when you are checking in. Wait a few mins

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  205. new badge … “Bookworm Bender”

  206. How do you get the Bookworm Bender badge? Checking into local libraries? How many times?

    • Looks like a series of *5* new University themed badges if this link is accurate:

      * Bookworm Bender: check in to any designated study area/library after midnight. [library, classroom]
      * Munchies: check in to five different campus cafes or dining halls. [cafeteria]
      * Quad Squatter: check in to a quad or commons 10 times. [quad/commons]
      * Smells like School Spirit: check in at any sports stadium, field or complex five times. [stadium]
      * Campus Explorer: check in to 10 different campus locations. [any category]

      • yep, thanks!

      • Tony, are they ASU specific? On the website referenced above it states, “Foursquare has created five badges specifically for universities…” — plural, so is this any university? On your list at the top it looks like it’s ASU sponsored.

    • Looks like a late night library check in. That person got it at 2:33AM. Time to go back to school!

  207. For the 5 new university badges, does it have to be at ASU or any other university? and do you need to be friends with anyone?

  208. is the All Right Now badege inactive now? I was in palo alto with a friend who is moving to Stanford and we both checked into 5 places and no badge still!

    we both have stanford uni added as friends in our 4sq pages but no badge still? thank you for the info

    • This one is hard to get because there are a lot of duplicate venues at Stanford. I’m at a lot of the listed places on a daily basis and it took me weeks to get mine. I think the trick is to make sure SU is listed as Staff, or their tip is listed under tips on the venue page.

  209. For the “Don’t Stop Believin” badge how I could do? I check-in 3 times in diferent karaoke venues but nothing happend. And the “BFF”? 10 times with the same person? How I procedure? Sorry for my poor English, I´m from Paraguay.

    • A venue must be tagged as Karoake in order for it to count towards the Don’t Start Believin’ badge. and you must check into 3 *different* venues. Check each of the venues for the tag and add it if it is missing. The BFF badge was never activated by Foursquare, so it cannot be collected.

      • hi chris, yesterday nigth I unlock the Don’t Start Believin’ badge. The problem was the category, I fix it puting for it the category “karaoke” as it principal category…at the firts check-in in one venue of the three places in my town in this category I get it!! Thanks a lot!

  210. ooo, it´s a pleasure for me for you amazing collaboration with the Foursquare user´s like me, far from there! I learning a lot with the tips and answers.

  211. Hi Tony. I believe that the Banksy Badge has officially been retired.

  212. Tony,

    So I have checked into multiple venues that fall under “college & education” here at The University of Texas at San Antonio and have yet to unlock either the Campus Explorer or Bookworm Badge! The latter I checked into a library at 12:10 am and nothing. The former, I have hit up 15 different locations. I am following ASU as well and still have recieved nothing.

    This is the second time Foursquare has failed to award me badges after I have succesfully accomplished their tasks.

    Any advice as to why I can’t unluck these new badges?


    • Those checkins must be at the ASU campus I believe, in Tempe Arizona

      • ASU is just one of many universities participating in these badges. I’ve seen posts saying that Syracuse, Nebraska and Texas A&M are all participating, plus I’m sure there are more that I haven’t seen posts about.

    • Rudy,
      I follow foursquare on Facebook and saw this information posted yesterday, so this info will hopefully help answer some of your questions quote:
      foursquare posted: ” We’re happy to announce the new foursquare on campus program today: official partnerships with over 20 schools and a growing network of student ambassadors!

  213. I also checked into 20 school events in ASU and have not received any badges, i think Foursquare has been slacking off might have to dump this app.

  214. I am in NY and am having ridiculous amounts of trouble unlocking the Bon Appetit badge. I am following them and have checked into 8 places, all places with bon app leaving a tip and in the tags. Does anybody know if the check-in’s need to be time specific like the Lunchbox badge because I’m lost =/

    • I have also been having difficulties unlocking the Bon Appetit Badge. 5 checkin in’s, all with tips left from Bon Appetit. If anyone has any info as to why it would greatly be appreciated.

  215. weird…my friend just unlocked the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” badge at Terminal 5 in NYC….confused

  216. I hope Banksy didn’t get retired! I’m going to see it next week when it’s release here!

  217. New People Hot Spot badge active as of August 25th – Requires following People Magazine and 5X check-ins. Specific details found in this article.

    “Congrats! You’ve just dipped your fabulously-heeled foot into the ultra-exclusive celebrity world. What’s next – your own reality show?”

  218. Two new MTV badges available as of 28th – Requires following MTV

    2010 VMA Moonman – Check into any Music Venue

    We’re really happy for you, and we’re gonna let you finish, but that check-in just entered you to win a trip for two to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 12th! Good Luck and Rock Out!

    MTV GYT – Likely related to MTV’s Get Yourself Tested Ad Campaign

    Planned Parenthood locations have been mass-added to 4square with a Twitter account of @gytnow

  219. If you are in the Dallas TX area, checkin at Truluck’s Seafood, Steak & Crab House (5001 Belt Line Rd) and unlock 2 badges!!!

  220. MTV VMA moonman badge can be unlocked at The Crocodile in Seattle

  221. Hmmm havent gotten the 2010 MTV Moonman badge in San Francisco yet? Anyone know a location?

    A friend checked into The Fillmore since it is a music venue and no badge yet!
    On the MTV foursquare site link it says: “Follow MTV on foursquare by clicking the ‘Follow’ button above, and then check in from ANY music venue — you’ll earn a limited 2010 VMA Moonman badge”

  222. hello people, I unlock the MTV VMA moonman badge here, in my country Paraguay. The venue must be in the “music venue” category as principal. you must follow MTV also and then check-in in the venue. leroytorner is my foursquare profile, see there.

  223. Several new outdoors themed badges seem to have been activated today based on when I checked into a series of parks near my house. I am guessing 5X checkins, based on my large personal list of which parks I am a Major of, but I cannot be 100% sure.

    Swimmies – 5X Lake/Pond
    Hey now! That’s your 5th check-in near the water. Let’s hope this isn’t followed-up by unlocking our “Unlucky Shark Attack” badge.

    Great Outdoors – 5X Park
    Welcome to the Great Outdoors! Behold Mother Nature’s true beauty. Now if only she’d throw a double rainbow up in this piece.

  224. Two new badges have been activated as of today apparently:
    2010 SXSW “Swimmie” badge is back, along with a new “Great Outdoors” badge.

    Just read about this from Not sure how to unlock them for sure though.

  225. If anyone is trying to get the MTV Moonman Badge In New York City. checkin at the apollo theather. thats where i got mine. a friend got his at the roseland ballroom.

  226. Hi Tony

    Wow it looks like a crowded room here 🙂

    Maybe we can share how to unlock the badges here

    Hi Chris!

  227. I got the great outdoors badge today! I am not really sure how though, lol.

  228. for the GYT badge,just check in into a drugstore/pharmacy venue then shout GYT

  229. People in my shore house in Sea Isle City, New Jersey got a badge that hasn’t yet been listed.

    It’s the swimmies badge.

    Hey now! That’s your 5th check-in near the water. Let’s hope this isn’t followed-up by unlocking our “Unlucky Shark Attack” badge

    I can send you the picture if you tell me how

  230. Hi,
    I’m going to fly with Delta from LA to Detroit next week, how can I earn the Gogo Mile High badge after I have access with GogoInfight Wifi ?
    Do I need just to shout out ?
    What word do I need to shout out ?
    Thank you very much for the answer.

  231. Checked into over 30 parks in the last couple weeks and no badge! WTF?

  232. I unlock de “swimmies” badge with 5 check-ins. But with 10 checks in park venues no “Great Outdoors”. Whats up?

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  234. I unlocked the “Redskins badge” last night by checking into the FED EX stadium last night !!

  235. Not bad the list of bakeries. Just wish they had included Tampa FL, since they included Charlotte NC.

    • I got Just desserts, too. But I think you had to go to a listed bakery between 1-3pm yesterday to get free dessert and the badge to celebrate last night’s premiere on Bravo. My husband and I had fun getting a badge AND a free cupcake.

      • I got Just Desserts this morning at a location not listed on the document that was just tagged as a bakery

  236. new oktoberfest badge for following Lufthansa (lufthansa_de on 4sq) and checking into three German locations during oktoberfest!

  237. The corporate badges are getting old. Does my badge list really have to look like a Nascar stock car?

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  239. There is a rumor that Munich has got an Oktoberfest badge – see – That will be a badge tricky for most foursquare users to acquire

  240. They finally made an outdoors badge!! 😀

    Thanks so much for creating and maintaining this list! ❤

  241. Today I unlock one of the new RunKeeper Badges: “Warm Up” Great!! Look´s like this:

    • How do they RunKeeper badges work? Also, is this app not for Blackberry so therefore Berry users can’t get the badge? I’m trying to figure out the tie in and how to acquire…

      • You don’t need to download any software or check in any please.
        Create an account with RunKeeper and enter your log of milestones that you reach (jogging, working out). Gradually you will get other badges.

    • I’ve recorded 3 activities on RunKeeper and haven’t go the badge? What do I need to do?

      • If your account is linked to 4SQ there should be no problem. My first badge was unlocked after the fourth activity.

      • I’ve recorded 4 activities on runkeeper while taking walks with my little girl. The warm up badge has not popped for me. Any idea if there is a minimum distance? Not always able to go that far with a 2 year old.

      • Update: I got the warmup badge on my 5th checkin

  242. Hi Tony – great list, grazie mille.

    Do you know anything about a “limited edition power broker badge” from Crain’s New York Business??


  243. Does anyone know if the Time Out Chicago badge is still active? I’ve checked into over 4 places and still don’t have it.

  244. already seen the 4 new badges of very good, but just wait a month to unlock the first. and are 3 more: Shine Seeker,, IFC Poor Decisions.

  245. Any idea how to find badge locations sorted by location? I am looking for Nashville opportunities.

  246. Fresh update for October, includes three Health Month badges! Yum!

  247. IFC link should be “/ifc” – no caps.

  248. I signed up for the Health Month website do I have to synch it to my foursquare?

  249. checking out comic con got the badge! and peewee herman!

  250. I just unlocked Cupcake Connoisseur and BBQ pitmaster on October 9. They are still active.

    Anyone know if the Douchebag and Socialite badges are still active? I’m going to Vegas next week and think it might be a good chance to pick them up.

    • @ Gary. Socialite and Douchebag badges are still active but they can only be unlocked in certain cities…unfortunately Vegas isn’t one of those cities.

    • Douche and Socailite badges are still active. I forget when I unlocked the Socialaite one, but it was within the past 2 months.

    • You can always confirm the state of any active badge by searching twitter for recent badge unlocks. As of right now both the Douchebag & Socialite badges are still active, but not any of the 3 TLC badges.

  251. I just saw a comment about the “Parenthood” badge. Does anybody know anything about it?


    • That message was in reference to the birth of her baby, it was like unlock the badge of life, family, was very good.

    • Exactly, you explained it better. And to further confuse @ AboutFoursquare congratulated him and made RT. For me it was excellent, good way to celebrate a birth haha. But it would be cute a badge with a shout “born my daughter / son!” and a check’in in a hospital and give you that kind of badge.

  252. I still cannot unlock Oktoberfest Badge.
    I have checked in 3 or 4 times in the Lufthansa’s choices ,
    many venues but still cannot get the badge.
    I am already friends with Lufthansa in their foursquare page.
    Please Help. Thanks.

  253. Ive checked in three venues in montreal and for some reason the Journal metro badge is not unlocking and dont get why not and its been between 8 and 830 am. To get the badge it says it has be three different mornings

    • Based on prior experience, the badge can only be unlocked by checking in on 3 *consecutive* mornings. The time frame seems to be between 7am & 10am.

      • If the badge is retired, may the concerns of the badge list please make the data up to date ;D. I and my friends are very confuse with the old data.


  254. I checked in over 40 times in Montreal train station and still haven’t received the badge 😦

    • The two Metro badges are both still available. Just check by searching on Twitter for ‘unlocked’ and ‘Metro’. You will see badge unlocks from several hours ago.

  255. I have some doubts with badges October 30 of “Rally for Sanity”: in addition to the badge “super swarm” I found out that there are two more that day will be active: “Keep Alive Fear” and “Restore Sanity.” These two can only be unlocked in the main event (Washington) or any of the events organized around the world? Between the time of the event (12:00 pm to 3:00 pm) or all day? Thanks guys! It’s a great OPPORTUNITY to unlock three badges at the same time!

  256. 3 new badges from Mazda:

    As always, you have to follow Mazda to qualify and learn how/where to get the badges.

  257. Is this ‘I Voted’ badge for real? What a lame afterthought! You can earn it only on Election Day, effectively eliminating the millions of us who vote early?
    I guess I’m not really surprised at how exclusionary it is, considering the tons of badges that aren’t available to us if we don’t live in New York or Los Angeles.

    • Hello? Rest of the world here! Trust me, you have access to way more badges than a non-US user. I agree there is a frustratingly strong LA/NYC bias, but I wish 4Sq would start looking further afield than just the States. Does anyone in that country own a globe or an atlas?

    • I feel your pain regarding feeling “left out” if you not live in LA/NY, but I think that the “Vote” badge is a great one. I already voted and that does not stop me from earning my badge on the Election Day.
      Regarding badges for outside USA, I agree as well, but in another hand I realize that the folks at Foursquare need to make money, therefore they need to go for the opportunities with a paid sponsor like OktoberFest with Lufthansa, Louis Vuitton in London, Queensland Australia, etc.

      What really piss me of are the people that have somehow found the way to “break” the system and earn badges without even leaving their homes.
      Need an example? I started to see new badges around and checked the people that were unlocking them. At first, I thought they were “dummy” accounts created by the folks at Foursquare to do some QA, but latter I found a pattern and realized that they ALL come from the same area of the world ( I let you guess where…). Just to prove my theory, I made “friend” with some 20 of them and started to analyse their “check ins”. Just this past Tuesday October 26Th, Foursquare released 4 new badges related to the Mazda cars. I found about them at 3PM on the east coast and by 11PM, most of my “friends” from far away from USA already had unlocked all the 4 badges!!!! I know a bug that allows a person to check-in anywhere, but it does not work all the time. These guys are using some else than the bug, because they checking with precision of the location.
      Lets see what they will do on the Election Day…. 😦

      • why does it piss you off? how does it ruin your personal experience. It is a little annoying, yes, but they are just doing what they want, and to each their own, right?

      • It isn’t a bug. You can always use the Mobile web site to check-in to any location across the entire world. I used this for more than a year until I upgraded to a more modern phone –

        Whither or not the Indonesian ‘cheaters’ are breaking the rules are another thing altogether. I like to think that they are just not playing the same game as the rest of us…

        As for the MAZDA badges, my hometown of Portland, OR had 7 sites already listed, so I was able to legitimately acquire all four badges in a single evening the day they were released.

      • Carlos, I appreciate all the badge tips you’ve left here, but I am disappointed to see the mention of “cheating” come up again. I really don’t want this to become a place where people debate. This is just supposed to list the badges.

        There are different perspectives on what is legitimate gameplay, and I have my own, but I can’t ignore that my perception is rooted in the fact that there are actually badges available in my country. Think about it – the “rules” only apply within the constraints of the “game,” and those constraints are defined by the geographic locations to which badges are tied. Beyond those constraints, a different set of rules applies, regardless of whether or not the makers of the game intended.

        Imagine a game of checkers – you can only move your pieces to black squares, but the game is constrained to the board. If your partner were to get up and grab a glass of water, would that person have to walk on black squares to get a glass? Just because you’re playing checkers?

        I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying it’s different, and I have an open mind. Since this is my blog, I’m asking those who wish to argue to do it elsewhere. You know what they say about arguing on the internet, right? 😉

  258. Even if one already voted, they can still get a badge by going to a polling place. In fact, think of all the people under 18 that can get the badge just by being at a school that has a polling place.

  259. Wouldn’t it be possible to just have someone in another state use your account to gain badges? I wouldn’t do it, but isn’t it possible?

    • Sure, but what would be the point? You can always just check-in to anywhere using

      • I never used the mobile site and this is not the bug that I mentioned.
        Check “around” and you might find out the one that I am talking about.
        You mentioned the “cheaters” which is a relieve for me, because it shows that I am not the only one seeing the big picture.
        I just checked of of these new “friends” and he has 105 badges, had 9 mayorships (All in Jakarta) and in the last hour checked in 5 Museums in New Your City (5 in 1 hour???)…
        Thats what got me upset, the badges themselves don’t me make the person that I am.
        I believe that you got your Mazda badges in a honest way (I got my Starbucks badge in 1 hour while in DC) and just wish people would be a bit more honest.
        I am sure once Foursquare gets more paying partners (they are growing every day), they might eliminate the mobile app and get tough on the GPS validation.

  260. how do you get theses 2 halloween badges?

  261. how do you unlock the spooky swarm? that’s a pretty cool badge

  262. I unlocked the “Super Duper Swarm” badge as well as the “Spooky Swarm” badge.

    I had no idea this badge existed until tonight. 🙂

  263. rally to restore sanity and March to Keep Fear Alive badge is inactive now.

  264. Runkeeper is releasing a badge for the NYC marathon tomorrow. Must use runkeeper app on iPhone or droid to unlock. So you need to be at the race.

  265. Series of three brand new badges for the Ellen DeGeneres show.

    Follow “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” :

    Riff Raffer –

    What’s more exciting – unlocking this badge? Or the fact that you’re about to see Ellen? Live! In Person! Hope you brought your dancing shoes!

    Sounds So Good: TBA

    excELLENt fan: TBA

  266. I got the “Ellen: excELLENt fan” by checking into Horsethief Canyon Dog Park.

  267. Good 20 plus badges missing of this site, not sure what use to be up to date 😦

    • I agree. Slipped a lot lately. This really was the bible of badges. Sad.

    • Hey sorry guys! I’ll give you a refund! j/k 😉

      You might be surprised how much work this is, and I’ve just been really swamped lately. I will get it back up to speed…the last update was Nov 21, and I’m pretty sure there are only a few that I need to add, right? thnksgiving, 9to5,xperia,kansas, right? Eddie, when you say 20, are there some specific ones that you have in mind?

    • This site was THE best one to find out about new foursquare badges. The problem now is that these other sites are putting the info out immediately with unlocking instructions. Tony has always made it clear that he didn’t want this site to be about that, instead just as a source for what badges exist. Also, the people commenting helped out a lot as far as alerting Tony to new badges that he hadn’t put up yet. I no longer see the “regulars” here, maybe they’ve moved on to the other sites. If we want this site to remain at the top for info, then we need to do our part too. So, as far as instructions on unlocking, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Here’s a little list of a few of the newest badges available: Bookworm, 9 to 5, You’re not in Kansas, Hangover (brought back), ski bum, TSA Baggage Handler, Xperia Ischgl and Xperia football fan (follow sony ericsson), Better Man (follow Askmen). Red had one available on AIDS day but it is now inactive. Hope that helps. Thanks Tony for still updating the site when you can. I don’t see any ads here so I’m guessing this isn’t making you money and probably gets to be a pain in the a**. I still stop by every few days though just to see what’s going on though. I’ll try to stop by more often when I see a new badge drop.

  268. Another tip: “Off the grid” checkins count towards a mayorship and badge, but will not unlock the badge or get you the mayorship. You need to show your location to get the badges.

    • For badges where multiple check-ins are required, do you have to reveal all the check-ins to friends or just the final one? Thanks!

      • From what I understand, only the final checkin that unlocks it. So if there’s 3 checkins required for a badge, the first two can be off the grid. The third one can not be hidden.

  269. Forgot one. LeWeb 2010. The NASA badge is also available now. If you look at my page, I have most of them unlocked. I know people might get mad that I do, but as long as foursquare allows people to attain them in this manner, then I’m playing by the “rules”. 😉

    • I think this one has expired. I should have ‘jumped’ on it sooner!

    • I hate jumping, but since I’m not in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, I don’t have a lot of opportunity to earn badges [unless it’s SXSW]. As you say, since it’s allowed, it’s playing by the rules.
      [Thanks for the add, Steakpak!]

  270. A few new badges: 7-10 split (bowling alley badge), Where to Eat 2011 (nymag badge), GTL (jersey shore badge), and of course with CES 2011 going on this week, there will be a few badges. Blackberry and intel might possibly have a couple unlockable during CES. Good luck. As always, check my page for pics and badge text.

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